Britney Spears NEEDS Help: Fans Believe She's Sending Distress Signals To Them

"Free Britney Spears" has made rounds lately, hinting that not all is well with the pop star. According to her fans though, this is not the true indication of their idol's plight.

Fans believe that Britney Spears has been sending them distress signals and they want to do something about it. They just do not know how. 

According to her fans, Britney Spears have now resorted to utilizing coded messages on social media to tell them that she needs help, as reported by Women's Day Australia. As they call for her freedom, Britney Spears wants to remain as if she is not distressed about everything but she truly is. How were the fans able to derive this assumption?

 A source shared that fans have noticed that when they started to question her well-being on social media, particularly in Instagram, they would throw in random suggestions like,"wear yellow if you need help." They were not sure Britney Spears were reading comments or if she would even follow what they said, but she did! Sure enough, the source revealed, fans noticed that she would post random videos of herself dancing in yellow. 


While not avid fans would think this is one of her crazy episodes, true fans know that the popstar must be sending them a cry for help. The source added that this was not the only example as there had been several in the past weeks.

Maybe every weird video of Brinety Spears actually has a meaning.

This concern for Britney Spears' well-being comes as fans are working hard to secure for Britney Spears the control of her business and personal affairs. It can be remembered that since 2007, her career, and her corresponding financials were placed in the hand of legal guardians.

This is called conservatorship and fans want it ended so Britney Spears can start to have more freedom and more life! they believe that Spears' mom Lynn would be a better person to help Britney Spears with her finances instead of professional conservator Jodi Montgomery. 

According to the members of the #FreeBritney movement, their idol is trapped in a controlling and abusive legal arrangement, which is in reality, restricting her civil rights. Fans could not understand why even though Spears is deemed capable of earning millions through her talent, she cannot be trusted to make decisions in life, such as driving a car, leave her home, have her own lawyer to represent her rights, and even vote, the Guardian reported.

Good thing though that she is in California, where laws have changed about voting by people placed under a conservatorship. Unlike other jurisdictions, Britney Spears is allowed to vote here because there is an assumption that she is competent unless provided otherwise. 

Meanwhile, Britney Spears continue to spark mental health concerns by her own posts. Could this be her sending out distress signals or she is truly distressed? According to the Blash, when she said she wants to live on a pink planet and live the Earth, even stating her desired pink planet destination is called GJ504b, fans cannot help but worthy. But what can they do? The same worry and concern was sparked when Britney Spears posted a bikini photo with whole body henna art, and captioning it with "I guess I'm demanding attention!!!"

That sounds like a sarcastic remark to us, but some believe she could be truly needing some help!

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