Is Matthew McConaughey obsessed with his movie "The Wolf of Wall Street," that he's leaving Hollywood to pursue a career as a stockbroker?

NW previously reported that an unnamed insider revealed that the hunky actor wanted to be a stockbroker. 

Sources told the magazine that Matthew McConaughey, who has a net worth of $100 million,  "holds six-hour phone conferences with his advisors any time of day or night from wherever he is in the world." 

As someone obsessed with the stock market, Matthew McConaughey's wife Camila Alves, whose net worth is $6 million, is said to be going crazy. 

"He spends every waking moment pouring over his investments and analyzing trends." 

Gossip Cop investigated the story by NW, and they have determined that this is untrue. 

Despite that, it doesn't mean that he's not obsessed. After all, McConaughey wrote an encyclopedia for his character on "The Wolf of Wall Street."

He did as much research and the back story on Mark Hanna, his character, as he would if he played the leading role in the movie. 

One scene in the movie, where he had a lunch meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort, became the breakout moments in the movie's three-hour running time, thanks to McConaughey's performance. 

Speaking to his video, "McConaughey Takes," he revealed, "They had this one line that was written, and I call it a launchpad line."

"I had one in 'Dazed and Confused,' and I had one in 'Magic Mike.'"

He explained, "Sometimes you get a line in a script, and the imagination soars. If you can unpack that line, if this character means that, there's an encyclopedia on this character." 

McConaughey continued, "That line with Mark Hanna is, he's explaining the secret of his business to Leonardo's character, and he says, 'The secret is cocaine and hookers.'"

"I just read that and said, 'If this guy believes that, then who the hell is this guy?'"

Matthew McConaughey Acting Career a 'Hobby?'

The 50-year-old Oscar-winner was first recognized for his supporting role in "Dazed and Confused" in 1992, before establishing himself as an A-list Hollywood star.

Matthew McConaughey's career evolved with more dramatic roles that earned him the best actor for the 2013 movie "Dallas Buyers Club."

Despite his success, the Texan-born actor revealed he never wished to become hugely successful, and has always believed that acting would remain his hobby.

In an interview from a few years ago, he revealed, "Acting, I thought, might be a summer hobby. I might never do it again." 

Talking about his late dad's influence on how he died five days into the shoot of "Dazed and Confused," 

"So he was alive when I started something that I thought might be a hobby but turned into a career. So, there's great serendipity in that for one." 

Despite his "hobby," Matthew McConaughey expanded his net worth even further thanks to some of his highest-grossing movies such as "Interstellar," "Sing," "Magic Mike," "A Time to Kill," and "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." 

'Greenlight,' The Memoir 

Matthew McConaughey has written "Greenlights," his memoir, and described it as "an aspirational book" about an approach to life, and his journal entries and thoughts from his lifetime. 

As per ABC News, "Greenlights" is not a traditional memoir or advice book but a "playbook based on his adventures in life." 

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