Tom Cruise Work Ethic EXPOSED: The One Thing Actor Doesn’t Allow Anyone To Do On-Screen With Him

Leave it to Tom Cruise to have some very intimidating demands for his movies.

It has been revealed that the "Mission: Impossible" star does his own stunts and is an accomplished runner, and unfortunately for his co-stars, he doesn't want to share scenes with anyone who can't keep up with his speed. 

However, he gave one actress an exception. 

The 58-year-old previously starred with Annabelle Wallis in 2017 for "The Mummy," The actress opened up about how she was able to convince him to let her run with him. 

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Wallis said, "He's on a different level, and I ticked a box."

"I got to run on-screen with him, but he told me no at first. He said, 'Nobody runs on-screen with me.' And I said, 'But I'm a really good runner.'"

Wallis further shared, "So I would time my treadmill so that he'd walk in and see me run. And then he added all these running scenes. So that was that." 

The star was extremely delighted she was able to run on-screen with Tom Cruise for that movie, and added, "But I don't think it ever goes away and I hope it never does." 

Wallis played Jenny Halsey on the movie, an archeologist who was reluctant to team up with Cruise's character, Nick Morton, a Marine. 

Everybody may Tom Cruise for his connections with Scientology, but he's also one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. 

Even when he broke his ankle after landing on the second building, he didn't quit or went to the hospital while filming for the sixth installment of "Mission: Impossible." 

"I knew my ankle instantly was broken, and I really didn't want to do the stunt again, so just got up and carried on with the take," he shared. 

As he gets up and runs out of view of the show, Cruise was hobbling on his broken ankle. 

Many people were probably shocked to learn that Cruise had the discipline to carry on with the scene despite his injury. 

It has also been revealed that he likes to always be in control.

"Do I like to take control? There are certain times you have to take control. At a certain point, you know a lot about the film, and it doesn't mean I'm not inviting new ideas because I want new ideas." 

Working with Stephen Spielberg for "Minority Report," it was also revealed that both of them have the same work ethic. 

"I don't need much sleep. I'm usually there before the crew. Warming up, preparing the day." 

Cameron Crowe described Tom Cruise as someone "who never missed a day, never had to go and think things over."

It was when Cruise went straight into a tight schedule for "Minority Report" just after finishing "Vanilla Sky."

Tom Cruise explained that he would average three house sleep on some nights, as "he's not the kind of person who believes in making my problems other people's problems."

He further added how he's not a "complainer," as no matter what has been happening, he has led a "very blessed life."

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