The coronavirus pandemic and her split from Cole Sprouse are making Lili Reinhart more emotional than ever, and she is now stuck in a more heartbreaking process.

Months after the news about Sprouse and Reinhart parting ways emerged, the actress sat for a new interview with Refinery29 where she revealed that the past few months has been the most emotional time in her entire life.

To recall, the "Riverdale" sweethearts officially ended their on-and-off relationship after the distance between them during the pandemic became too much to handle.

A source also exclusively confirmed to Page Six that they were no longer quarantining together after their split.

According to Reinhart, her therapist told her about the heartbreaking fact that she is experiencing withdrawal from love.

Although it is normal for everyone, the actress suffers more since she is used to exchanging "happy chemicals" with Sprouse in the past.

"In moments of my life, I have dropped every ounce of pride that I had just to be like, Love me. Please take the pain away for a day, a second, an hour, just so I can feel that fix again," Reinhart went on.

However, as her interview went viral and raised concerns at the same time, Reinhart took to Twitter and explained that her statements were not about breakup at all.

"They are about the depression I've felt over these last few months. Tired of people taking my words out of context and piecing together their own story for clickbait," she penned on Tuesday.

Furthermore, she emphasized that she would never speak so candidly about a "break-up."

Reinhart Experiencing Depression?

In the same interview with Refinery29, Reinhart admitted that the lockdown period is the first time in four years where she has been able to stop again to cope with her life's changes.

Previously, she confessed that she struggled facing rejection starting when she was 12 until she turned 19. Only when she landed her role on "Riverdale" that she felt success.

"I've seen a lot of people when it comes to heartache and grief and break-ups, and they try to get that void filled with sex, with coke, with food, with drinking, [but] the void is still there," Reinhart said. "I took the road less traveled and just dealt with my s-t. I had to face my own pain head-on."

To help herself even more, she took a solo trip to Mount Shasta earlier this August. She jetted on the same day as Sprouse's birthday for some "mental clarity and healing."

"Very grateful to have the opportunity to travel to such a sacred place and reconnect with myself and God," she captioned a post on Instagram. "Hope all of you are using this time to take care of yourselves and reflect- it's vital."

Meanwhile, Reinhart also told Refinery29 that she let out some of her feelings into her new book, "Swimming Lessons: Poems," which is due out September 29.

No one knows when Reinhart can finally get over the breakup, but time will surely help her to be on track again.

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