Ever since Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck divorced in June 2015, she has been linked to several male personalities throughout the years. 

For two years, Garner dated CaliGroup CEO John Miller, but have recently called it quits. According to reports, they separated amicably.

After news of her breakup, Jennifer Garner was then rumored to be dating "Alias" co-star Bradley Cooper after being spotted getting close and cozy in an intimate beach day in Malibu

The actor's daughter, Lea De Seine, was also spotted hanging out with them. 

In a report by Woman's Day New Zealand, Jennifer Garner and her tech ex-boyfriend's breakup brought her and Bradley Cooper back together. 

It was alleged that Cooper has been helping Garner understand what really went wrong with her marriage to former husband, Ben Affleck. 

According to the publication's sources, the 48-year-old mom has said to be telling "The Hangover" star some things that she hasn't told her therapist. 

"He was the first guy she really opened up to. It has been hell for her losing Ben - the father of her three children - when she worked so hard on that marriage, but he was more interested in liquor."

The insider further revealed that Jennifer Garner had to keep it together for their children's sake, while Ben Affleck was out and about dating several different women. 

"Being able to unload all of this to Bradley has made her feel better. Jennifer is giddy with excitement. Bradley's the ultimate gentleman and obviously is only getting better looking with age." 

The publication went on to add that the "13 Going on 30" actress is thrilled to see where things they go, that she and Cooper have already started hanging out at each other's house. 

One person who isn't giddy about their blossoming relationship is Jennifer Garner's ex-husband, Ben Affleck. 

Star Magazine revealed that Affleck is jealous of Garner and Cooper's new romance, even before their time together in "Alias."

New Idea also shared that Garner and Cooper's inner circle are happy they're seemingly taking their friendship to the next level. 

"He was always a bit jealous of Jen and Brad's connection during their 'Alias' time together." 

An insider claimed that the "Dare Devil" actor is observing the situation, but knows that he is not in the position to judge his ex-wife who has been cool about his relationship with Ana de Armas.

New Idea's source also added that both Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper are looking into announcing their Hollywood romance soon. 

"They've always been at ease with each other, but now it's deeper, and they're adorable together."

The source went on to say that there has always been a connection and an attraction between the two former co-stars, "but they didn't take that next step because they were always in a relationship with other people." 

Though Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper have enjoyed their time hanging out at the beach that one afternoon, Gossip Cop debunked the claims that they see each other romantically and that Affleck is "seeing red" over the entire Jen-Brad rendezvous.  

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