Is Taylor Swift ready to marry her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn? 

The "Lover" hitmaker is head over heels in love with the British actor, and it has been reported that they're taking their relationship to the next level.

In a report by Heat Magazine, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter is in a rush to walk down the aisle. 

They further claim that there will be a Taylor Swift wedding even if there's a current coronavirus pandemic. 

However, there are still orders in different countries and cities where only a specific number of people can attend weddings. Because of this, Swift and Alwyn are planning to do a "quickie" wedding. 

Heat insists that the ceremony will not be more than five minutes. 

According to an unnamed tipster, "They'd plan something in the UK, but with the travel ban in place, they've moved to plan B."

The Plan B, as per the source, is a virtual wedding. 

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are said to be looking at a Zoom wedding, or perhaps "an intimate and low-key" ceremony in Nashville. 

Though the "Cardigan" hitmaker is allegedly keen on throwing a large wedding in the future, what she really wants to happen now is to become Mrs. Alwyn. 

The tipster added, "Joe was afraid Taylor would be disappointed without the big white wedding, but she assured him that she doesn't need a big show." 

"So long as they have each other, that's enough for her." 

According to another grapevine, "Taylor says no man she's ever dated comes close to Joe, and she doesn't want to lose him," speaking to the National Enquirer.

Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn
(Photo : Twitter-@tvs_movies

Another report by Woman's Day said that Taylor Swift is planning a "shotgun wedding."

A shotgun wedding could also mean getting married in a small pub in London, as per a report in April. 

"Taylor has decided that she wants a small pub wedding with Joe and just a handful of their friends and family." 

The publication said that they're ready to take the next step, "whether it be a baby or a wedding or both," said their source. 

In another report, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are already "unofficially engaged" for over six months, as per the publication's insider, and one close friend of Swift is going to be the maid of honor by Heat. 

Blake Lively is allegedly going to be "front and center," while her husband, Ryan Reynolds, "has been tapped to be a groomsman." 

However, all of these claims from different publications were investigated by Gossip Cop, and none of them are true. 

They can't say for sure that Taylor Swift is not engaged, nor rushing to the altar, nor pregnant, because she and Joe Alwyn are extremely private with their relationship. 

Nobody knows what their plan is for sure, but Gossip Cop is confident that these all can't be true because of the inconsistency of the stories. 

Everybody knows how in love Swift is with Alwyn that fans speculate the new song released titled "The Lakes" is about her private relationship with the hunky Brit. 

This is the only song on her new album "Folklore," which doesn't focus on heartbreak.

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