Once again, Jennifer Hudson proved that she is more than just powerful vocals, but a singer who can move your emotions through her performance.

From a singer in Disney cruise ship to "American Idol" contented in 2004, Hudson's singing career has come a long way. But obviously, she uses her talent to earn thousands of dollars, but she also uses music to communicate through the listener/viewers' soul.

For some reason, the 38-year-old performer can make a familiar song like her own by giving it a personal twist. Just recently, the so-called "J-Hud" become an instant trending topic on the internet for her moving rendition of the song "A Change Is Gonna Come."

Let us look back at some moments when Hudson gave us goosebumps and major eargasm through her ethereal voice.

A Change Is Gonna Come

On August 19, 2020, J-Hud gave viewers goosebumps after goosebumps with her performances at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Right after Senator Kamala Harris' closing remarks, Hudson sang the famous Sam Cooke song at the jaw-dropping Tiffany dome of Harold Washington Cultural Center in Chicago.

According to Variety, Hudson sang the Aretha Franklin version of "A Change Is Gonna Come," but gave it an iconic J Hud twist, making it more emotional and shooting right through the heart.

While Hudson looked like a singing goddess wearing an orange gown and gold earrings, her voice stole the show as she sang the powerful song accompanied by pianos and a saxophone.

Twitter users took to social media to applaud Hudson's performance.

"Jennifer Hudson's performance tonight gave me literal goosebumps over my entire body. That was f*cking powerful," one user wrote.

"There is something that Jennifer Hudson's voice does to me on a biological level. Like, actual full-body goosebumps every time she sings," another one added.


Last year, Jennifer Hudson was one of the many artists who appeared in the movie adaptation of the hit musical, "Cats." She played the role of Grizabella, a former "glamour cat" shunned by the feline group called the Jellicle Cats.

Hudson's character joined a special night where their leader, Old Deuteronomy, chooses a cat to be reborn and return to a new life. Hudson sang her emotional version of the song "Memory," which talks about acceptance and melancholic remembrance of the character's past.

In December 2019, J Hud performer "Memory" for the first time on live TV during the Season 7 finale of "The Voice."

Dressed in an elegant black evening dress, Hudson sang the emotional song on a stage with a gigantic moon backdrop.

Kobe Bryant Tribute

Earlier this year, Jennifer Hudson gave an emotional tribute to the late Los Angeles Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant, before kicking off the NBA All-Star Game in February.

J Hud paid tribute to the 41-year-old NBA sta, who tragically died in a helicopter crash with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven others.

The Chicago-native revived the memory and legacy of Kobe Bryant while singing the classic "For All We Know," while images of Kobe and Gianna played on a giant screen behind her.

Hudson's performance brought several NBA players and the audience to tears as it was only a few weeks since Kobe's tragic death happened when the performance took place.

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