If you are a legitimate 90s kids, then the movie "Home Alone" will surely ring a bell on your ear or probably take you back to your childhood's fun Christmas memories. Who would ever forget the misadventures of Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin) who was left all alone at home while his family is on a grand holiday?

"Home Alone" surely imprinted not just memories, but also lessons on our heads, especially when going on a trip with the whole family. Aside from the quirky tricks Kevin did to escape the burglars trying to take advantage of him being alone at home, the actor playing the role also did mark our memories.

As Macaulay Culkin celebrated a special milestone in his life, the actor took to Twitter to troll fans, who might of the same age or older than him.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, the former child star made his fans feel old by directly emphasizing his age as he marks his birthday.

"Hey guys, wanna feel old?" Culkin wrote.

"I'm 40. You're welcome," he added.

And Twitter world be like: "Wait, what? He's 40 already!"

Yes, people, the cutie Kevin in "Home Alone," just turned 40. Let.that.sink.in.

In a follow-up Tweet, Culkin trolled his fans even more by saying that it's his job to make people realize their age.

"It's my gift to the world: I make people feel old. I'm no longer a kid, that's my job," the actor added.

Aside from getting birthday greetings in response, Culkin also received a troll-back from Twitter users who pointed out that he looked 40 ten years ago. Burn!


Birthday Tribute

Meanwhile, Culkin's girlfriend also took to social media to give him a sweet birthday tribute. 

In an Instagram post, Brenda Song greeted Culkin a happy birthday by describing him as a "magical being" and her "unicorn."

"Happy 40th birthday to this magical being," the 32-year-old "Like Mike" actress wrote.

"I could sit here and write endlessly about how wonderful, kind, loving, genuine, loyal, honest, brilliant and hilarious you are, and how grateful I am that I get to share and do this life thing with you," Song added.

The actress gushed over Culkin, saying she is the luckiest person in the world because the former child star loves her.

New Project

While Culkin will be forever etched in our minds as mischievous, Kevin McCallister is now about to revive his love for acting and just accepted a role fit for his age.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Culkin would star in the 10th season of "American Horror Story," together with Sarah Paulson.

Speaking to E! News, AHS creator Ryan Murphy said that he loved Culkin's acting, particularly in "Home Alone," so he would love to have him on the show.

"So, I have this very, very great insane part. And I asked to speak to him on the phone, and he said OK," Murphy shared

Murphy added that when he told Culkin that the role would require him to have a "crazy erotic sex" with Kathy Bates, the actor replied: 'This sounds like the role I was born to play."

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