Michelle Obama Fires Disturbing Warning About Ellen DeGeneres: 'She's Annoying!'

Michelle Obama

Over the past few years, several people have witnessed the other side of Ellen DeGeneres, including Michelle Obama.

Amid the worsening issues encircling DeGeneres' name and her show, more old videos continue to add fuel to the fire as they reveal the host's toxic attitude.

Although most of the episodes of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" seemingly brought laughs to people, there are actually unpleasant stories behind it. In fact, Obama was one of those people to see it herself.

In a newly emerged antic clip of the show, the former First Lady and DeGeneres dropped by CVS to shop for some items Obama would need after her life at the White House.

As Obama shopped around, the controversial host then played for laughs -- as usual -- by opening packages before they could even purchase them. Meanwhile, as someone who was working for the government at that time, Obama told her she could not do that.

"You are really not a good person to shop with," Michelle told Degeneres as soon as the host pulled the top of a bottle of wine and used it as a cup. 

DeGeneres then remained unstoppable as she teased her about the latest issue of Essence magazine at the time.

From talking about the photo spread of the matriarch with former President Barrack Obama, DeGeneres went on to discuss about something more personal.

The former First Lady laughed off most of her actions, but she chose not to hold back in the end.

"She's out of control," Obama exclaimed when DeGeneres tried to put her signature on a baby's forehead with a permanent marker.

After getting the items they need, the two could not figure out how to do self-checkout, so Degeneres asked the store manager to help them. However, DeGeneres shot another question and asked if they could have some items for free.

"We can't take bribes. I work for the government," Obama told her. "You know you're really annoying. It's like taking a three-year-old to a store."

Seeing how Obama herself saw DeGeneres' attitude personally, it already somewhat proved how toxic she can be.

More DeGeneres' Victims?

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" became like a one-stop-shop for celebrities in Hollywood. Some dropped by to promote their projects, while others only wanted to talk about themselves.

However, what should have been an enjoyable visit turned into something that caused anxiety to some celebrities, including Taylor Swift and Celine Dion.

Before the re-emergence of Obama's video, an old video of Swift on the show also resurfaced. In the YouTube clip, Degeneres forced the "Look What You Made Me Do" hitmaker to play a game that made her feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

Swift ended up screaming at the host and pleading to stop it already.

Meanwhile, Celine Dion also experienced DeGeneres' rudeness when she sat for an interview with her. The singer went up against the host when she suddenly made fun of how long her son's hair was.

"It seems like you're busy with something, 'cause you're forgetting to cut your son's hair," DeGeneres joked. "Look at him. He is beautiful, but look at his hair. When are you going to cut that hair?"

The two went back and forth since the host remained firm in telling Dion to cut her son's hair. When the situation started to get out of control, Degeneres changed the subject.

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