It's time for the '90s kids to rejoice! NSYNC and Backstreet Boys are brewing up something big for their fans, and it may well be the collab that people has been demanding for years.

WIill the hottest boybands 20 years past give in on a collaboration concert? 

BSB and NSYNC Working on a Collab?

A new photo suggests that they are willing or at least open to do a collab in some capacity. Lance Bass and Nick Carter took a snap of their faces close to each other, looking real chummy together. 

Nick posted the said snap and captioned it with "Working on something big." 


No artist will post such a caption if he is truly not offering "something big."

If this turns out to be anything but a collaboration concert, fans would be sad. Not when they had been wishing for a collab concert for years! Unless, of course, what they are working on is better.  

Also, it is worth noting that Lance and Nick posted similar photos! On Bass' page, a similar photo (in a different pose) was shared with the caption "Working on a little somethin' somethin'."


Whether it is big or little, fans cannot wait. While fans would surely notice the hashtag #comingsoon in Carter's post, they would have also noticed the hashtag to his podcast on  Bass' post. Lance has his own podcast titled "The Daily Popcast."

Some believe that the massive announcement will be made on the said pod. However, others said that this collaboration might be of Nick or the whole BSB appearing on the podcast.

As expected, the comment sections of Lance and Nick's photos went wild, with fans excited about the collaboration. Hopefully, the respective bands make sure what they hinted will be truly exciting for their fans.

Most of their fans have grown up with them and make up most of the community with disposable income. 

If they decide on a collab and make it a worldwide one, the chances of them solding out every concert date is high. That is if they give in.


If there is a possibility that Nick Carter will appear on Lance Bass' podcast, it is worth noting that BSB extended the same welcome to the NSYNC on their new show on Apple Music.

In August, BSB launched their newest project called "All I have to Give Radio" on the Apple Music platform. Ahead of the show, Nick Carter was interviewed about the their possible content, and he said he'd love to have the NSYNC guys in for an episode. 

"Right now, nobody knows what's gonna happen with the show. It's like an experiment, but who knows? The show could grow and turn into something that people truly enjoy, and at that point, heck yeah, I'd bring in the NSYNC guys. For the fans' sake, yeah, that would be awesome," Nick told Cosmopolitan Magazine.

It remains to be seen when these bands will become active once more. The pandemic has already stalled some of the plans made by BSB this year.

They were right in the middle of touring for "DNA," which is their first No.1 album after a long hiatus. However, the COVID-19 pandemic happened and they have to put a pause on their tour for a while.

With this photo, it goes to show that the two bands are quite optimistic about the pandemic not being permanent since they are still so willing to work on something big and new. Considering the songs they made in their heyday, there's no doubt that they are the types to have hope in the middle of a crisis. 

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