Brad Pitt is in for a heartbreak, Wendy Williams believes. She does not think his new girlfriend is in it for the long haul. 

Did Wendy Williams hint Brad Pitt's new gf Nicole Poturalski, is a gold-digger? No, she did not. Instead, she said the model is an attention-seeker!  She does not have faith in the young girl, accusing her of using the A-list actor to get the attention that she is craving. It is, after all, a foolproof plan, since Brad Pitt is very famous and anyone he dates would be lent the same kind of popularity. 

The talk show host, 56, is not afraid to call it exactly how she sees it. Other hosts would not, especially since it can be quite damaging to the model's reputation. Williams believes that this relationship can hardly last half a year before it would go bust. 

"I think this will last no longer than 6 months. Brad's friend say she's doing it for attention and I say, 'Gee, ya think?'," Wendy said, confessed.

Williams showed how poor her impression of the model is, claiming that there are signs that she is an attention-seeker. "I don't know this girl but this is certainly something that will put her on the front page of something with or without him," Wendy added.

The host became quite crude, though when she said that the model, 27, should certainly milk the situation by making the actor happy in bed. She did not say these words exactly but warned the actor to wear protection. It does not take much to know what she is implying. ""She better use this for as much as she can, and I'm sure at 27, she can. And Brad, keep the condom on... Good luck," Williams said. 

Even though it has already been weeks when the media has tagged Nicole as Brad Pitt's new girlfriend, the two have not yet confirmed anything. 

However, enough evidence would show that Nicole Poturalski is Brad Pitt's new girlfriend or at least someone who is not just a mere friend or an acquaintance. According to Ok! magazine, the two were spotted together in Paris back in August. The two also shared a kiss before boarding a private jet together. The two were allegedly going to Brad's massive chateaux in the south of France. Brad's reps, however, did not confirm the news. They just stated they could not say anything about the actor's "personal relationships." Oddly enough, that can be taken as a confirmation that the two are not just ordinary friends.

Interestingly, Nicole may not have confirmed that she is with Pitt, but she was willing to answer a fan who asked why she "hates' Angelina Jolie. If she's in no way linked to the actor, she would have find it in her to just ignore the comment. But no, she told the commenter that she is "not hating anyone."

Back to Wendy Williams, fans should no longer be surprised that she can say these things. She's never known to hold back her insults. How Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski will react to this remains to be seen.  

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