Emma Stone has secretly married Dave McCary after they were spotted wearing matching gold bands.

According to a Page Six source, the 31-year-old "Easy A" star and the 35-year-old "Saturday Night Live" segment director have "definitely" tied the knot.

  Emma Stone and Dave McCary have announced their engagement last December in a sweet Instagram post, as the actress showed off her beautiful diamond and pearl engagement ring.

Emma Stone, Dave McCary engagement
(Photo : IG @davemccary)

When they announced their engagement, a source told People magazine that they work well together. "'She is professional in every way, very talented and focused on her work, and Dave respects that," a source told the outlet.

"He supports her and is unselfish in his desire for her success. Those are great qualities in a man for someone like Emma. She is impressed by his talent and respects him immensely."

But in May, Emma swapped out her engagement ring for a simple gold band, which led to speculation that she was already married.

Her new ring was spotted during a YouTube appearance with Reese Witherspoon.

It further added speculation that she's married when she hinted she may now be a married woman. Dr. Harold Kolewicz, who was also on the cat, asked Emma about marrying an anxious man.

"If you marry an anxious man, you're going to have to know me the rest of my life," the doctor said.

Emma reassured him, "Thankfully, I didn't do that."

It was previously reported that the couple had postponed their March wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The two were first linked in October 2017 after making several public appearances together, including the Met Gala "Boom Boom Afterparty," the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and even in an NBA game.

They met in 2016 when Emma hosted "Saturday Night Live."

Though her marriage to Dave McCary has been unofficially confirmed, one thing that's still up in the air is her belly.

Emma Stone has been wearing loose-fitting outfits when she's spotted, which led many to believe that she's pregnant as well.

Last Thursday, a Malibu jewelry designer posted on their Instagram, claiming she had seen the couple walk by and that Emma had a baby bump.

Tova Malibu wrote, "So Emma Stone just walked by my house, and she has a little baby bump. I guess she's been getting cozy in quarantine - remember you heard it here first."

The post went viral on different social media websites as fans excitedly shared the exciting news.

The latest picture of her wearing brown overalls and a white shirt looked like she was concealing a potential pregnancy bump as she and Dave strolled through a neighborhood. 

"emma stone is pregnant and it's not mine heart been broke so many times," one Twitter user said.

Emma's belly seemed to have noticeably grown, as noticed by other fans on social media as well.

"emma stone pregnant and Andrew Garfield had nothing to do with it," another said.

Meanwhile, there are still some social media users who think she isn't pregnant.

"literally doesn't even look like emma stones pregnant yall are weird," one person tweeted.

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