Jessica Alba once received a weird but strict rule when she was given a small role in "Beverly Hills, 90210." It is not clear what the rule is meant to do.

According to Alba, she is not unfamiliar with the no-eye-contract rule. This rule has been revealed as one of the contentions against Ellen DeGeneres recently while she was in the thick of her "being mean and toxic" controversy. 

Alba revealed to "Hot Ones" that she was asked not to look directly at any of the stars of "Beverly Hills, 90210" in the 90s. It can be remembered how big the show was back then, including the main cast. 

"I couldn't even make eye contact with any of the cast members, which was really strange when you're like trying to do a scene with them," she told host Sean Evans.

The actress was specifically cast in Season 8, but not as one of the main characters. She appeared on the series as Leanne, a pregnant teenager who just walked into a clinic where Kelly Taylor was working. Taylor was played by Jennie Garth. 

Apart from Garth, the other main casts were Jason Priestley, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green, Tori Spelling, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Joe E. Tata, Hilary Swank and Vincent Young.

Alba said breaking the rule can lead to reallt serious consequences. According to her, it was lik: "You're not allowed to make eye contact with anyone of the cast members or you'll be thrown off the set."

For what it's worth, Alba can look at anyone directly in their eyes now. Not only has she proven to be a great actress, but she was also able to build a billion-dollar business empire, The Honest Company.

The Honest Company

The business has its ups and downs since its establishment in 2011, but almost a decade since its inception, it is actually quite strong. The company is presently exploring sale, seeking a valuation of over $1 billion

In 2015, this company was already valued at $1.7 billion.

Despite her business and her career, Jessica remains a very hands-on mom.

Director James Cameron never had a doubt she can do it. He was the one who gave Alba her big break back in 1998 when he made her the lead of "Dark Angel." It was a short-lived TV series, but it was enough to make Alba a household name.

When he found out Alba's success in the realm of business, he is not even surprised.

Cameron told Vanity Fair that right from the start, he knew Alba could achieve great things. He added that among the 1000 actresses that auditioned for "Dark Angel," Alba stood out because she got a mix of sophistication and rebellious appearance.

"She was slumped over with her hair in her face and a look of defiance. But when the camera hit her-wham!-there was such punk attitude," the veteran director added.

Alba herself admitted that she was quite an angsty and broody teen, but motherhood certainly changed that. 

The production costs of the show were quite massive, Cameron shared. Hence, it was quite a risk to let everything depend on a teenager's unproven talent, but Alba certainly performed beyond expectations.

This is why it is quite funny now when she shares her early career experiences, especially with bigger stars than her at the time. 

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