We always bump into web posts and articles about how coconut oil help women in their everyday lives. However, little did people know coconut oil in the Philippines and other tropical countries can also do the same for men.

Men and women experience the same skin problems. The only difference is that men tend to treat their issues differently -- which is not ideal.

Compared to women, male's skin can be thicker and oilier. Since it is 20 percent thicker, a man's skin has more active sebaceous glands. Thus, they have more pores than women, increasing the risk of the occurrence of acne. This also makes pH levels lower, so impurities abound.

Moreover, men are known to be constant shavers. On average, a man can have 16,000 shaves in his whole lifetime. With each use of a razor, their skin becomes more sensitive, and it causes more problems.

Although men and women's skins are different, all their skin issues can be treated using one natural and effective product -- coconut oil.

Out of its endless list, here are three ways men can use coconut oil in the Philippines and Asian countries as their holy grail.

Men's Skin Gets Dry During Winter, Too

Although women are more prone to dry skin, it does not mean men cannot experience it, too.

During winter, men do not only suffer from dry skin, but also itchiness. In order to prevent that from happening -- or alleviate the effects, at least -- men can use coconut oil as their natural face and body cleanser and moisturizer.

According to HealthLine, a study wherein patients with mild to moderate dry skin proved the positive effects of coconut oil on the skin. During the said two-week study, they found out that coconut oil ultimately improved skin hydration, thus, preventing dry skin from occurring.

Goodbye, Acnes!

As part of male skincare, Coconut oil definitely works effectively on the under-eye and neck areas after shaving.

Aside from providing utmost moisturization, coconut oil can help men say goodbye to acne, too!

Men tend to have acne on their face and back. Since male skin is oilier than female's, it invites more bacteria to the face and body.

Once hormone levels trigger acne, it will eventually lead to clogged pores, allowing more bacteria to grow.

But men can just let coconut oil save the day!

Coconut oil in the Philippines and tropical countries has lauric acid, which can dry pimples and kill acne-causing bacteria at the same time. Since the acid is also renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, coconut oil can eliminate acne and offer smoother skin.

No More Painful Wounds

Let's face it: men can get wounds easier than women. But by using coconut oil to treat these wounds, men can say goodbye to them as easy as they said hello!

Coconut oil is proven to have vitamins and minerals that can speed up healing and increase levels of collagen in one's skin.

Aside from wound healing, its antimicrobial properties can also prevent infection that prolongs the healing process.

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