Thanks to her face mask choice at a recent book signing in California, Lana Del Rey made some of her followers upset.

The star performed at the Barnes and Noble branch in Los Angeles, where she read excerpts from Violet Bent Sideways Over the Lawn, her latest poetry novel.

Del Rey carried a glittery, mirror face mask at the function that she had previously used for Interview magazine in a cover shoot.

The mask would seem to have given little obstacle to the spread of Covid-19.

Lana assured fans at the Los Angeles event that she intended on launching her new record, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, in December or the following month. Multiple publications named her last album, Norman F****** Rockwell!, 2019's album of the year.

Fans react over Lana's 'carelessness'

Fans criticized the 35-year-old for being reckless and asked her to wear a suitable face cover after Lana Del Rey uploaded pictures of herself sporting the mask to her Instagram account.

"Lana, please wear a real mask. I'm begging you be safe," wrote a concerned fan, under an Instagram photo of the star at the book signing.

"I love Lana but this is incredibly irresponsible," said another. "Girl, we're in the middle of a pandemic," added a third.

Caroline "Chuck" Grant, Del Rey's sister, who live-streamed the poetry reading on Instagram, said the singer had "tested negative."

Lana del Rey kept a distance of six feet away from her supporters. However, pictures shared on Twitter's pop culture account @Popcrave saw the star smiling next to fans after reading.

At least one was not adopting the mutual distancing rules of California. The mask may probably have had a translucent, secure coating. Some shops sell see-through covers that allow lip-reading to the hard of hearing, whereas other sets appeal to fashion-conscious buyers.

"Please tell me that there's some sort of see through/sheer, woven (or clear plastic?) liner under the mesh?" responded one fan.

Is she taking the safety protocols seriously?

The star is yet to answer the backlash. Still, Lana del Rey shared a video on Instagram on Sunday in which she read a poem while wearing a camouflage mask at the end of the clip, which she deleted.

Wearing face masks, in conjunction with other prevention steps such as hand washing and social distancing, helps against the transmission of coronavirus by serving as a shield between the person and other people. These essentials can be worn mostly to shield other individuals, aside from you, from coronavirus. 

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