Kate Winslet has been in the entertainment industry for a very long time.

Despite being an award-winning actress, improvising in 2004 was one of her weakest performances on live TV.

That same year, Winslet was on "Saturday Night Live" and admitted that what happened on the show was one of the most stressful actor moments she had every experience.

The "Titanic" actress reflected on her time on the comedy show just one week after Ashlee Simpson's infamous lip-syncing gaffe.

Speaking to the host during a video call interview with the Hamptons International Film Festival, Winslet said, "Let me tell you, that studio was just a hotbed of anxiety."

The Oscar-winning star explained that she got worried she wouldn't be prepared for her dialogue, as the show was drawing closer.

"It gets to Friday when we have the dress rehearsal, no opening monologue," she added.

"I'm literally s---ing myself. I said, 'Guys, please just make something up, let me make something up, just tell me what I'm doing.'"

Then Winslet was reportedly asked by one of the producers, "'Can you tap dance?'"

The 45 years old had to learn how to tap dance and a singing routine three hours before doing the dress rehearsal.

However, despite the ups and downs of that moment, Kate Winslet revealed she is open to returning to the show if they would have her.

She shared, "I loved doing 'SNL.' God, the adrenaline. I'd love to back."

"That was kind of how I started in so many ways. Just doing fast-pace sketches and sort of amateur theater."

Winslet revealed that she was used to the crazy and quick outfit changes backstage. The high-pressure backstage also made her learn a lot of things as a young actress.

Meanwhile, Kate Winslet mentioned Ashlee Simpson because that was one of the biggest scandals of "Saturday Night Live."

Simpson was set to perform on the show as a closing performance. When her hit song "Pieces of Me" started playing instead of "Autobiography," the song she was supposed to perform, her vocals can be heard singing in the vocals.

It made everyone think that she's using pre-recorded audio on her what was supposed to be her "live" performance.

At the end of the show, she stood alongside guest host Jude Law and blamed her band.

"I feel so bad. My band started playing the wrong song, and I didn't know what to do," Simpson said.

"So I thought I'd do a hoedown. I'm sorry. It's live TV. Things happen."

In the next few days, MTV quoted her saying she had an acid reflux issue that caused her to lose her voice, which stopped her from singing live.

She was further slammed by people and led to her being teased by online trolls.

But since the hate was not slowing down, Simpson took to her official website to admit to lip-syncing.

"You and I know that even if I synched on it or not, I'd still get seen by millions, maybe even make a few more fans."

The singer called her experience on the show as "the most embarrassing moment" she has ever experienced, as per Us Weekly.

After her appearance on the show, Ashlee Simpson's career collapsed.

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