'The Crown' To Highlight Prince Andrew's Explicit Scandals

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew is set to face another scrutiny as the upcoming season of the hit Netflix series "The Crown" will reportedly show a glimpse of the early explicit scandals he was involved in. 

"The Crown" has become a massive hit since it was released on the streaming giant in 2016. The candid portrayal of each key member of the Royal Family was so convincing that tons of viewers got hooked to the show. 

For the royal-inspired series' fourth season would reportedly take a dig on Prince Andrew's explicit scandal that would somehow depict the future scandals that he is involved in the present time. 

According to "The Times of London" (via Newsweek), the new season dropping this November will feature the Duke of York's relationship with American actress Koo Stark. The couple dated back in 1981, two years after the actress starred in the racy movie "The Awakening of Emily."

One episode will feature Stark's character entertaining "older predators who seduce the vulnerable, helpless young Emily." 

Although the said episode will have no direct reference to Prince Andrew's connection with Jeffrey Epstein, the employees of The Times who were given an advance screening of the show's 4th season thinks it portrays a foreshadowing on what's to come to Queen Elizabeth II's favorite son in terms of scandals involving sexual abuse. 

Fact Not Shade to Prince Andrew

Speaking to "The Sun," a TV insider said that "The Crown" creators have no intention of embarrassing the 60-year-old royal through the said episode. 

"The creators would maintain they didn't deliberately refer to this film role to embarrass the prince," the source said.

"But the fact the details have such glaring similarities to the scandal are likely to jump out at viewers," the source added.

The source explained that the creators are not inciting anything as Prince Andrew's relationship with Stark is a fact that happened in the past. 

"The makers can claim innocence because the relationship with the girl in question is based in fact - he really was involved with an American actress at the time," the insider explained. 

Victim's Reaction

When the information reached one of Prince Andrew's victims, Virginia Guiffre, the former sex slave of Jeffrey Epstein, expressed disappointment on the show. 

Guiffre, also known as Virginia Roberts, is known as the most outspoken victim of Jeffrey Epstein, who alleged the latter of running a sex trafficking scheme supported by Prince Andrew. 

Guiffre claims that she was forced to have sex with the Duke of York when she was still 17-year-old. The abuse is said to occur three times between 1999 to 2001. 

"So not right!!" Guiffre wrote on Twitter

" Is sexual abuse now entertaining?" she added.

The Crown Season 4

Aside from taking a dig at Prince Andrew's scandal, but will also feature the entry of Princess Diana to the Royal Family, her marriage to the future king, Prince Charles, and her unfortunate car accident. 

The 4th season will also feature newcomers, including Tom Byrne and Jessica Aquilina, who will play Prince Andrew and his wife, Sarah Ferguson. 

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