Jamie Lee Curtis does not believe Chris Evans' leaked pic scandal was an accident. She also does not think the actor posted it because he just wanted attention.

Instead, Curtis believes believes that there was a whole agenda behind the scandal, implying that it was planned for something bigger. 

The "Knives Out" star, revealed on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" on Monday that she thinks the 39-year-old actor must have planned the whole thing because he is a "smart and such an unbelievably beautiful human being" who would do that to serve a larger purpose.

She could be right, especially since Evans turned the nude photo leak into an opportunity to get people to vote

Clarkson agreed with Curtis over the possibility.

"Oh, he's so clever," the host responded, per PageSix. "I kind of think it was planned just because he was trying to get people to vote."

Chris Evans' Leaked Photo

Back in September, Evans' name landed on the middle of a scandal when he "accidentally" shared a video on Twitter revealing his phone's gallery of videos and pictures -- including one featuring a picture of an erect penis. Naturally, fans with keen eyes spotted it right away, and the topic trended.

Some fans claimed the actor should be protected while others said there are double standards at play.

There was even a call to cleanse the timeline of the incriminating photo to save Chris Evans. But critics claimed that had it been a female star, the possible reaction would have been very different.

Evans did not keep mum about the backlash and furor he caused, as he subsequently quipped on Twitter: "Now that I have your attention... VOTE Nov 3rd!!!

Jamie Lee Curtis' Reaction

Even Curtis could not help herself at the time. She also tweeted about the incident, stating she is proud of Evans and that the pic certainly got his attention. 

Despite the positive reactions from fans, though, and contrary to what Curtis and Clarkson are saying now, Evans hinted that he did not want that pic to be leaked out and circulated. He said the photo was actually "embarrassing." 

Speaking at the Tamron Hall Show (via CNN) after the incident, Evans said he learned a lot of lessons from the interesting weekend when the leak happened. Still, like a true "Avengers" hero, he said he just got to "roll with the punches."

However, he appreciated the fan support that manifested after his NSFW photo scandal. He said the support he got after the supposedly embarrassing moment -- instead of the judgment and criticisms that people normally get over such things -- is "really, really nice."

Some analysts tried to explain why the reaction is so different from other celebrity photo leaks. Apart from stating the double standard theory, they also claimed that the times must be truly changing and positive. People realizing that there is a double standard going on is enough sign that the world is changing.

However, there is a lot of things to do, especially in holding women accountable for things that men usually get a free pass at.

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