Harry Styles' Fans Make Huge Demand Amid Privacy Concerns

Harry Styles and his fans have a very close relationship since the beginning of the singer's career. However, some people crossed the line.

On Twitter, "Treat Harry With Kindness" trended immediately after Styles' photos looking uncomfortable went viral.

On the said photos, the 26-year-old singer looked uneasy after finding out that he was being stalked down in Los Angeles.

Despite feeling restless, the "Sign of the Times" singer still posed for pictures and signed his official goods, including a "Fine Line" and One Direction's "Made in the AM" vinyl.

What's worse is that many fans claimed that the person who ran into Styles and stalked him is the same person who is selling the signed items online.

Because of this, his fans immediately asked people to respect his privacy and personal space.

"He looks so uncomfortable and annoyed. they disrespected harry's privacy just to sell what he signed and make money off of it," one fan said. "It's extremely disrespectful and annoying, i cant imagine how he feels. Everyone should understand why he likes to be private.#TreatHarryWithKindness."

Another one said, "Stalkers. They have been stalking him since 2012 and see him everywhere he goes. No one carries around 1d vinyls and then "accidentally meets harry" for the 23 time."

One fan also revealed that Louis Tomlinson experienced the same thing before pleading everyone to stop stalking Styles.

Meanwhile, the alleged stalker and the seller responded on TikTok and admitted that they are really selling the signed items. However, the stalker defended what they do and claimed that other people also do the same.

Amid such negative news, a fan site disclosed that Styles penned a sweet note, saying, "We'll be alright."

Not The First Bad News

On the midnight of Valentine's day, The Mirror Online reported that the "To Be So Lonely" hitmaker was robbed while walking in Hampstead in North London.

"Understandably though it left him very shaken up afterward," the outlet's source said.

The Metropolitan Police later confirmed the report on the night in question.

"Officers were contacted on Saturday, 15 February regarding the incident which happened at 23.50hrs on Friday, 14 February," a spokesperson said. "It was reported that a man in his 20s was approached by another man and threatened him with a knife."

More Good News From Styles

Despite the negativity, Styles really loves his fans so much that he still brings positivity amid the privacy and security concerns he has experienced.

During the first anniversary of his album's lead single "Lights Up," the singer announced that a new box set will arrive on December 11.

The "Fine Line - 1 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set" includes two LPs and 10 exclusive prints of Styles pictures taken by Tim Walker.

Furthermore, it will also comes with a 24-page "Fine Line at the Forum" webzine. Fans can enjoy these treats as they unbox the glossy black package.

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