Ellen DeGeneres Bullying: Ellen Lookalike Admits Painful Experience After TV Host's Mockery

Ellen DeGeneres has been making people laugh through the years. However, it seems not everyone finds her genuinely funny.

Apart from the staff that called her mean and toxic behind the camera, several people who did not work for her had found her jokes mean-spirited, bordering on bullying.

Once upon a time, when Ellen DeGeneres is not yet tagged as being fake, she was the "be-kind lady." That said, everything that came off from her mouth that made people laugh is deemed not harmful and genuinely funny.

But things have changed, her reputation has been tainted, and now more people are willing to come back and say her jokes have hurt them. One of them is her lookalike, Dawn Lutrell. 

Fans would know how Ellen poked of Dawn when she featured her on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in 2018. At the time, people said the host gave an ordinary lady, who can make an impression of her, some exposure. Today, following Lutrell's revelations of her feelings after that fated day, people are now saying the host has ripped Lutrell apart. 

 DeGeneres "Bullied" Lutrell

According to Dawn, when a clip of her doing DeGeneres' impression was commented on upon by the host, claiming it was an outdated impression of her, she felt bullied and humiliated. 

Ellen, at the time, said she was on the Internet searching how to remove wine stains when an ad popped up for celebrity impersonators.

The 62-year-old talk show host said she was intrigued and looked for those who say they can impersonate her, finding out about Dawn. The host said she did not know she has one. 

Commenting on a picture of Dawn, she said they only had similar hair. Ellen then played a video clip of Dawn, imitating Ellen for the audience to see. In the video, Lutrell can be heard saying "ka-ka!," which was the host's old catchphrase.

Obviously, Ellen was not impressed at all. 

"I haven't done 'ka ka' for... like I did it for the first two years. Does anyone remember that I used to go 'ka ka'," Ellen said. "That's like a 10-year-old impression, she's got to update it," she added.

Dawn said the whole thing was quite hurtful to her. Speaking with The Telegraph, she described it as a bullying incident that was "very mean-spirited." 

The pain was too much that she even sought therapy. 

With the present scandal about Ellen's real personality being mean and not exactly nice as she puts out on television, Dawn said she lost all respect for the host already.

She said: "I've always wanted Ellen to see what I've done and respect it. Now that's gone? Show me the money! Show me the money. It has nothing to do with her anymore."

Dawn's experience can be compared to Mariah Carey's. Ellen jokingly made Mariah reveal she was pregnant, but at the time, no one knew Carey was uncomfortable or was not on it the whole time. When the whole controversy about Ellen's personality broke out, Mariah admitted to feeling uncomfortable and bullied. 

She even implied Ellen caused her miscarriage

Ellen's reps are yet to comment about this latest revelation.

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