Dua Lipa got no time for fake news, and she is eager to teach someone a lesson for spreading false claims involving her recently shot music video.

In a recent Instagram Story entry, Dua Lipa has clapped back on allegations that she and her team broke COVID-19 safety protocols while on the set and filming her new music video in London.

The 25-year-old debunked the claims of the publication, which she decided to drop the name.

"A tabloid newspaper in the UK (who I won't give free publicity to by naming), last night published a story about my video shoot in London and what they said was a flouting of Covid regulations," the "IDGAF" hitmaker wrote.

"This is completely untrue...all guidelines were complied with," she continued.

Dua said that the British news outlet had published not only one but many false claims about her this year.

The "New Rules" singer has already taken a drastic measure to teach the unnamed publication a lesson.

"This is one of the many untrue stories published by this newspaper about me this year. My lawyers have sent a letter to [them]," Dua Lipa added.

The Grammy award-winning performer also expressed her disappointment of how the media would rather publish false claims for the sake of sales instead of speaking the truth.

"It's a shame that some of the British press have more regard for selling papers than the truth or the feelings of the person they are talking about," Dua continued.

In the end, Dua Lipa declared that she would fight for what is right in terms of entertainment journalism.

"There have been far worse examples of this in the last year involving other British entertainment figures, but I am going to take my own small stand," she concluded.


While the British pop star refused to name the news outlet that claims she broke some coronavirus protocols, fans are quick to assume that it is "The Sun," as they have taken down their recent article talking about how the singer disregarded the United Kingdom's protocols to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

"After being sued by @DUALIPA's lawyers, @TheSun article that claimed COVID-19 rules were broken at her mv shoot on Wednesday is no longer available," a fan Twitter account wrote, alongside a screenshot of The Sun's website, saying the content is no longer available.

The Report

According to The Sun's article, police raided Dua Lipa's music video set after receiving local complaints that the production team broke coronavirus protocols.

The report claims that Dua Lipa had a large group of crew and extras while filming at Shoreditch.

"It looked as though the people on the shoot were breaking rules and social distancing was totally out of the question," a witness told the news outlet, as reported by "Independent."

"People in the area are respecting the law, so to see a pop star openly break it was poor form. Someone called the police," the witness added.

It is not the first time that the singer was slammed for breaking COVID-19 protocols. Two months ago, Dua Lipa was criticized for attending a massive social gathering in California while in the middle of a global pandemic.

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