Chris Evans is making headlines again, but for the right reasons this time around. 

Over the weekend, the "Captain America" star sent fans into frenzy after posting a shirtless snap. 

In his recent Instagram post, the 39-year-old Hollywood A-lister surprised his 7 million followers with an adorable photo of him and his dog, Dodger. 

His furry friend was photographed lying at his bare chest that also shows his "Dodger" tattoo. 

"Dodger lying on DODGER," he captioned followed by a blue heart emoji. 

Chris Evans
(Photo : Instagram)

Fans Go Crazy Over Chris Evans' Instagram Post

Following this, fans flocked to the comment section as they gushed about the cute little pupper. 

"Give us more dodger content, Chris," one wrote, while another begged the actor for another photo of Dodger. 

"Can we get a photo of dodger with the trees, though?"

Meanwhile, one user also noticed how his Instagram account transformed into his doggo's profile page. 

"This page should be named "Dodger ft Chris Evans."

Furthermore, an individual can't help but compliment Evans' "wholesome" IG feed. 


However, one fan left a cheeky comment and wrote, "Wearing pants this time, I see."

This is in reference to his NSFW snap, which was accidentally shared over his Instagram Stories. To recall, the "Avengers" star broke the internet in September after he unintentionally shared a nude photo of himself. 

The Boston-born actor was playing a game called "Heads Up" when eagle-eyed fans spotted a photo of his private part on his phone gallery. 

Another interesting snap on his camera roll was a meme featuring his face with the caption that says "Guard. That. Pussy."

Although he immediately deleted the video, fans were quick to get a screenshot that instantly hit Twitter. 

Luckily, Chris Evans had supportive and loving fans as they attempted to bury his NSFW photo by sharing a snap of his beloved dog lying on his chest. 

"He knows his angles," the caption reads. 

Dodger is a rescue dog with a mixed-breed. Evans adopted him in April 2018. 

During the same month, he also introduced his furry friend to his fans by sharing a heartfelt video on Twitter. 

"This is the moment we met. He was trying so hard to stay seated even though he desperately wanted to get out. I knew right away that he was coming home with me, so I took this video to always remember our first hello. Rescue dogs are the best dogs!! #NationalPetDay."

Moreover, in his previous interview with People, the "Snowpiercer" star shared that he found Dodger at a pound where he was filming the movie "Gifted."

"I foolishly walked in, and I thought, 'Are these actor dogs, or are these real up-for-adoption dogs?' And sure enough, they were, so I was walking up and down the aisles and saw this one dude, and he didn't belong there."

He described his rescue dog as a "sweetheart" that is full of energy. 

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