Notting Hill Sequel? Hugh Grant Wants Traumatizing 2nd Installment

Hugh Grant would only consider doing a sequel of "Notting Hill" if his one surprising condition is met. 

The British actor has been the most sought after rom-com actor in the 90s following the success of his 1999 movie starring Julia Roberts. 

During the Q&A session to promote his new HBO miniseries "The Undoing," the Golden Globe winner shared that he is interested in doing a follow-up movie for the box office film that would feature a real life scenario to prove that a happy ending is all a "terrible lie."

"I would like to do a sequel to one of my own romantic comedies that shows what happened after one of those films ended," he mentioned, adding, "Really, to prove the terrible lie that they all were, that it was a happy ending."

Moreover, the "Maurice" star cited other possible circumstances that involve the relationship drama of his and Roberts' characters that lead to a messy divorce and the disastrous co-parenting situation with kids. 

"I'd like to do me and Julia and the hideous divorce that's ensued with really expensive lawyers, children involved in [a] tug of love, flood of tears. Psychologically scarred forever. I'd love to do that film."

"Notting Hill" is considered one of the iconic romantic comedy films of all time.

Furthermore, it became the year's top-grossing British film, raking $364 million worldwide, as well as bagging the Orange Film of the Year in the 2000 BAFTA ceremony.  

Directed by Roger Michell and written by Richard Curtis, the film follows the story of a bookstore owner William Thacker, played by Grant, who meets and falls in love with the famous American A-lister named Anna Scott, portrayed by Roberts. 

Unfortunately, their whirlwind romance was caught up in a drama due to their different social status.

Is the Story in "Notting Hill" Possible in Real Life? 

The "Pretty Woman" star previously told E! News that she thinks William and Anna's situation "could happen" in real life. 

"I believe in the idea that we are all looking for someone who brings out the best in us. And I think that the job or position they hold in life, it's not even secondary. It's third-day, it's fourth-day, you know, and I think that so many other things have come before that," Roberts shared.

Roberts also noted her personal experience, sharing how she dated her non-showbiz boyfriend and photography director Danny Moder (who is now her husband).

As for Hugh Grant, after the success of "Notting Hill," the British actor starred in numerous rom-com films, including the 2001 blockbuster hit movie "Bridget Jones's Diary" and the holiday favorite "Love Actually" in 2003. 

In 2019, the 60-year-old actor shared his opinion about being the go-to star when it comes to rom-com movies. 

He revealed that he was very thankful and lucky for being given that kind of opportunity, per The Hollywood Reporter.  Furthermore, the "About a Boy" star revealed that he has no regrets about being recognized and doing several films in the said genre. 

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