Hugh Jackman gave life to the comic book character Wolverine for 17 years--from the 2000 film "X-Men" until the 2017 flick "Logan."

This opportunity allowed him to grab the Guinness World Record for the longest career as a live-action superhero.

"When I was a kid, the Guinness Book of Records was it, my brother and I thought - badminton, you don't have to play it hard, two nights without sleep - we can definitely do that!" Jackman said after bagging the recognition.

Although the role allowed him to get his lifelong dream, he decided to let go of the character, noting in an MTV interview that it's time to move on.

However, two years later, Marvel Studios is reportedly courting him again to reprise his role for one last time.

On October 27, Daniel Richtman posted a screenshot of what seems to be a sneak peek of a Marvel production sheet. The photo says that Marvel had an "offer out to" Jackman on September 10.

Meanwhile, a lot of netizens supported his claims. Most of the Twitter users said that they also saw the actor preparing "for something."

One user said, "I seen him last week at a gym in LA..... he's definitely bulking up from what I saw."

"He'll be wolverine for a brief cameo in doctor strange 2 im assuming," [sic] another one theorized.

Whether it would be a solo film or a cameo for Jackman, it is worth nothing that even the Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has "Wolverine" on his wishlist.

What Feige Wants

The next phase for the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been delayed. However, this gave Feige more time to think about what he wants to offer to the fans next.

According to YouTuber Grace Randolph, the chief is currently in talks to create a Spider-Verse where Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland could appear together.

She also disclosed that Feige wants to see Jackman return to the "Wolverine" role for the last time.

"He also would like to bring back Hugh Jackman for one last round as Wolverine. Now, again, this is right now Kevin Feige's wish list. We'll see what he can actually do," she went on.

Jackman x Avengers Collaboration?

Meanwhile, another rumor emerged about Jackman coming back with the whole Avengers.

In fact, even the actor himself has previously expressed his desire to be in a movie with the superhero team.

"The Avengers would prove too much to turn down," Jackman told ScreenRant in February 2017. "You never know. At the moment, honestly, if I really did have them there, I probably wouldn't have said this is the last [about Logan]. It just feels like this is the right time [to leave the character]."

Furthermore, several MCU stars have also publicly spken about how much they want to work with Jackman, including Ryan Reynolds (for "Deadpool") and Mark Ruffalo (for "Hulk").

According to Ruffalo, Feige directly asked him for more ideas of stories for the Hulk. He then suggested having a Hulk-versus-Wolverine movie.

As of the moment, people must take these rumors with a grain of salt. But once Wolverine truly comes back, it would surely be worth it.

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