A few days ago, Johnny Depp received several devastating news - losing his case against a British tabloid, being forced to resign from "Fantastic Beasts" and media experts warning him that it's the end of his career. 

Over the weekend, it was reported that Depp became the main attraction of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise since 2003. 

He set the box offices on fire, bringing in profits of $650 million. 

Since then, the 57-year-old has appeared in four other films in the "Pirates" franchise, which cemented himself the main figure in all of its movies. 

However, many believe that this franchise might also be over for him following the loss of his libel case against The Sun and his ex-wife, Amber Heard. 

As per reports, the "Edward Scissorhands" star has held Disney bosses' meetings about the franchise's future. 

The insider claimed that Depp spoke with Warner Bros and his alignment with the ongoing "Harry Potter" spin-off franchise, but it was announced that he was asked to leave the series on Friday.

But Depp has already had similar meetings with Disney about being Captain Jack Sparrow, and unfortunately, the sessions weren't a good thing for him. 

Early this year, it was reported that a reboot of "Pirates" would start production soon, with Margot Robbie being the new main role.

Despite not being good news for the movie's original cast, it was also rumored that Johnny Depp would make a return for the reboot. 

While nothing has been confirmed yet, there might still be hope for Depp. A new report claims that the "Sweeney Todd" actor could get the role back thanks to an old friend. 

As per We Got This Covered, the legendary executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer is fighting for Johnny Depp to be involved in the "Pirates" franchise once more. 

Bruckheimer has reportedly been in direct contact with the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" actor as they "work something out." 

The report added that this could be almost any capacity, including just a cameo in the film. 

Jerry Bruckheimer is a big influence in the entertainment industry, and he is known to be very close to Johnny Depp. 

He may be the key to be able to bring back Depp into the fold following the scandals. 

Though nothing is confirmed yet, the final decision will still come down to Disney. 

Before the court ruling, Johnny Depp was reportedly offered four major Hollywood roles, including an executive producer role for a new TV show called "Muscle Shoals." 

It's unclear if he still holds the roles after the verdict of the case. 

Meanwhile, it's not yet the end of Johnny Depp in court, as he is set to battle it out against his ex-wife Amber Heard in January 2021. 

Depp is demanding $50 million in damages for defamation after Heard's op-ed article for the Washington Post, which described herself as a domestic abuse survivor. 

Johnny Depp has been labeled a "wife-beater" by The Sun, which is why he took them to court. However, the court believes that there is some truth to their article, which is also why he lost.

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