Katie Holmes is being treated as she deserves by her new boyfriend Emilio Vitolio. The actress is so smitten that she allegedly could see him being with her forever. 

"She feels so blessed to be with a centered, down-to-earth, kindhearted companion who isn't affected by the fame and puts happiness and traditional values first," an insider revealed to US Weekly.

The source added that Holmes is truly in good hands because Vitolio "treats her like a total princess." 

The "Dawson's Creek" actress, 41, was first linked to Vitolo Jr. back in September. since then, they have been spotted engaging in PDA numerous times.

Some said that being all hot and heavy all the time means they are just in the early stages of their romance, but the pair is said to be really serious already. Katie herself can see the partnership lasting for good.

Well-meaning friends and her loved ones are allegedly warning her about rushing things, but Holmes is allegedly not worried about how fast her relationship with Vitolo Jr. is progressing.

"She doesn't care what people may say about rushing into the romance," the source added to the outlet. "In her mind, this is the real deal, they're riding a beautiful wave together and she's already decided it's got the potential to go all the way."

This is not the first time someone said Katie feels blessed to have met her current beau. Just shortly after news broke out that they are together in September, an earlier report had it that she is already head over heels for Emilio. Love is a big word and dating people do not even use it to describe their feelings, but the source is sure that Katie said she is happy to have found such a stable one in Vitolio to keep her company. 

It's a whirldwind thing though because it was not so long ago when Holmes was being linked to Jamie Foxx all the time. They never confirmed their relationship, but reports made incessant rounds that they were indeed an item. 

The earlier report claimed that as a woman in her 40s, Katie no longer let others dictate her choices, but this does not mean Vitolio should be too complacent because they would come and defend her if he ever hurt her. 

"Ultimately, she's a grown woman who's free to make her own choices," the source added. "She's got some seriously protective friends and family though, so [Emilio] better carry on treating her this well if he knows what's good for him!" 

It's also not a one-way street. Whatever Katie feels for Vitolio, he feels back right for her. 

A source said Emilio is so into the actress that he cannot contain himself whenever asked about her. He'd blush and even smile, signs that he's thinking of her in a positive way. A source told Us Weekly in October that they spend a lot of time laughing and having fun, exchanging looks of love. 

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