Kardashians 'Absolutely' Disappointed With Larsa Pippen, Break All Ties With Reality Star

If there is something that the Kardashians hate, it's people who befriend them and then end up backstabbing them. Through the years, there had been close family friends left in the dust when they started to talk smack about the family, and the latest one is allegedly Larsa Pippen. 

Larsa, who is one of the recent celebrities to have tested positive for the coronavirus, is said to be out of the Kardashian's inner circle for good. The family no longer want her anywhere near them or talk to her ever again.

Remember Jordyn Woods? Kylie Jenner did not hesitate to cut ties with her, even if she was her BFF, because she did something wrong towards Khloe Kardashian--whether proven or not proven. This is how the family operates. 

According to Hollywood Life, the Kardashians are so "disappointed" that Larsa dared talk about them in a recent interview. She even claimed Kanye West had "brainwashed" the family against her. As result, they're saying adios. 

That said, Pippen's days as a Kardashian BFF are certainly over.  Even if the 46-year-old TV personality has been at odds with the family for some time already, this is the first time that the Kardashians reportedly decided never to let her in their lives anymore.

Her Hollywood Raw Podcast interview is described as the final nail in the coffin by a source. "The family is definitely disappointed and angry Larsa would share what she did in the interview, but not really surprised because they feel like Larsa is just using them to further her career at this point."

Like Jordyn Woods, Scottie Pippen's ex was regularly spotted with the Kardashians at parties and on vacations through the years, leaving no doubt to anyone's mind that she was considered part of the family. She even sometimes appear on E!'s "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." 

While the Kardashians cutting of ties with her is shocking, the insider said it is more surprising that Larsen would speak ill of the family who treated her as a member in the first place. 

"They'll never be friends with her again...that's for sure," the source said. If anyone thinks this whole thing is bothering Kim and the rest though, they are wrong. They have cut Pippen off and yet have no plans to lose sleep over the issue. 

Apart from Jordyn Woods and Larsen Pippen, the Kardashians have cut off a few more friends who did them dirty in the past. According to People magazine, these include but are not limited to Tristan Thompson (although he's starting to get back to Khloe Kardashian's good graces), Blac Chya, Joyce Bonelli, Stephanie Shepard, and Monica Rose. Usually, one member of the family would get into some altercation with a long-time friend, partner or employee and it would not take long for the whole family to provide support by unfollowing and cutting off the person as well. 

There are also Drake and Taylor Swift, which Kanye got into some conflict or feud with, compelling the rest of the family to follow suit.

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