Royal Split for Good: Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Never Return To Monarchy

All talks about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's return are not likely to come true, a new report claims.

A royal commentator said that based on his analysis of the situation, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the royal family and their senior positions back in March, they certainly made a definitive decision that cannot just be reversed.

According to royal author Robert Lacey, Harry and Meghan are unlikely to return into the royal fold or garner back their positions any time soon. Unfortunately, this will keep the royal family split.

Even if the remaining royals have provided their blessing to this cutting of ties, fans could not help wish the royal family will just become complete once more

Speaking to author Alain Elkann, Lacey said he certainly cannot see a royal reunion happening.

"The family will remain split," he said, which is quite a fearless forecast.

"I don't see Harry and Meghan ever being working members of the Royal Family in the future," he added, via Express UK. 

Lacey, the author of "Battle of Brothers," certainly knew a thing or two about how the royal family operates. He said there is a parallelism between the aftermath of Meghan and Harry's decision to leave the royal family as working royals and the constitutional crisis caused by Edward VIII's decision to abdicate. 

"I make frequent comparisons between the current situation and Edward VIII's abdication crisis, both are essentially conflicts between love and duty," the royal expert added. He also pointed out that what Harry did--choosing Meghan Markle and choosing love as a result meant going into an "exile." 

It can be remembered that Edward VIII succeeded his father King George V in early 1936, but when told to choose between entering into a marriage with his love (American socialite Wallis Simpson) and the royal position, he shunned the choice of becoming the leader of his country and abdicated in December. 

This was just a a few months before his coronation at Westminster Abbey.  

Even though they are not expected to return as royal members, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to return to the U.K. because they still have a court battle to see through. In the past few months, the case has been in the pre-trial phase, with experts claiming Markle is already set to lose. 

However, the true legal battle will only officially start on Jan. 11, 2021 and can last for 10 days.

With regard to what date they will set forth to the U.K., the coronavirus pandemic makes it hard to say. A source close to Prince Harry shared with Vanity Fair the difficulties of going back to the U.K. during the holidays, which would have been ideal. 

"Global travel has been made very complicated by the coronavirus pandemic and at the moment the Duke has no plans to travel back to the UK, certainly not before Christmas," the source said. "The problem is if he comes over then he has to quarantine and that makes things quite difficult," the source added.

This means that this Christmas will likely be the second time in a row Queen Elizabeth will miss spending the holidays with his grandson baby Archie. 

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