It has been known through the trailers that Diana Prince and Steve Trevor will reunite in "Wonder Woman 1984." However, the superhero seemingly has to let go of him at one point ... again.

Warner Bros. set the upcoming "Wonder Woman" sequel in the 1980's. With that said, it allowed the creators to offer the biggest plot twist in the franchise: the return of Chris Pine's character.

Initially, Trevor died in the previous film, but Bleeding Cool first theorized that the Dreamstone might have brought him back to life in the upcoming flick. Doctor Destiny used the same power in the '60s in the infamous "Sandman" series.

With that said, it will give Gal Gadot's character another chance to see the love of her life--albeit seemingly only to lose him again.

The newest trailer shared by WBPicturesHK on its official Youtube Channel appeared to tease Diana letting go of Trevor.

Within the 30-second trailer, it managed to show several shocking snippets, including a scene of the Kremlin in Russia and Wonder Woman donning her new Golden Eagle Armor.

The most heartbreaking part, however, was when Steve and Diana hugged each other as the man talked about how Wonder Woman can be the only person to save the world.

Pine and Gadot's characters first met during Patty Jenkins's hit 2017 film "Wonder Woman." The World War I pilot sacrificed his life to help Diana in stopping Ares and the war.

Whether Trevor will die again or not, fans cannot help but feel hyped over the fact that they will see Pine again.

One fan said, "My only reason to be happy this 2020? Chris Pine being steve trevor."

"i can't believe we finally get steve trevor this year for christmas," another one wrote.

One Twitter user added, "okay i just have to check this again oh my god diana prince and steve trevor is coming back to me christmas day."

"Wonder Woman 1984" is scheduled for a Christmas release this year. Originally, it was up for a 2019 release before Warner Bros. rescheduled it multiple times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Before they came up with the final launch date, the studio moved the release of the sequel twice: first to August and then to October.

Now that it will surely arrive next this December, fans should expect a rollercoaster ride before the year ends.

Wonder Woman To Meet More Surprising Characters

Aside from Trevor, Wonder Woman will bump into some more notable characters once again.

Wonder Woman is also set to meet Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) in the same war zone.

On August 5, the film's official Instagram account also shared a video showing Kristen Wiig transforming from archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva into the villain Cheetah.

"I don't want to be like anyone. I want to be an apex predator," Wiig said in the clip.

In the end, it gave fans a clear hint that a face-off between Wonder Woman and Cheetah would happen in the upcoming sequel. If it pushes through, Diana would also lose her friend.

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