Princess Diana Once Angered Royals After Stealing the Spotlight From Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Diana

The fourth season of "The Crown" is causing massive controversy between royal experts after featuring Princess Diana and Prince Charles' tumultuous marriage. 

Created by Peter Morgan, Netflix's royal drama series covers the whole late '70s up to the 1990 era, highlighting the rocky romance between the Prince and the late Princess of Wales. 

Aside from this, the historical show details the bitter relationship of Lady Diana to some members of the monarchy, including Queen Elizabeth II.

Now, according to Express UK, the mother-of-two was once accused of stealing Queen Elizabeth II's thunder in one of the most important royal events, which is the English Parliament in 1984 

Italian commentator Luisa Ciuni, the co-author of "Diana and the Queen: Secrets and Lies at Court," described the event as an "emblematic episode" that caused friction between Princess Diana and royal courtiers. 

"That is the moment when the Queen is at her peak. The crown on her head, scepter, majestic dress, underarm gloves, and for her it is the most important moment of the year because she also makes her speech to the people," she told Tv2000. 

However, the clueless Princess of Wales had a drastic hair transformation that led to the press focusing on her instead of Her Majesty.

Ciuni recalled that the media diverted their attention to the late princess, which made Buckingham Palace furious. 

"What happened? She had all eyes on her and newspapers the next day, instead of discussing the Queen's speech, headlined on her hair and all hell broke loose," she added. 

From growing up with an aristocratic heritage to becoming the fashion icon and later dubbed as the People's Princess, it was no doubt that she was the most likable and beloved royal at the time. 

Moreover, the outlet also mentioned that it was not the first time that then Lady Diana Spencer sparked outrage towards the members of the royal family, most especially to the longest-reigning monarch. 

Initially, the royal family thought of Diana as the best match for the heir to the throne and a perfect person to be the future queen consort. 

Unfortunately, things quickly went downhill after the late royal mom experienced intense media scrutiny and pressure from her role. 

She turned to the Queen to be her surrogate mother, but Her Majesty was unprepared to deal with her overwhelming floods of emotions, as cited in Reader's Digest. 

"The Queen chose to overlook Diana's behavior in these early months, concluding that she needed time to settle in. Nearly everyone, from the Queen to the staff who looked after Diana, attributed her behavior to a bad case of 'nerves,'" the outlet mentioned. 

These were all featured in the recent season of "The Crown," which depicts Queen Elizabeth II (portrayed by award-winning actress Olivia Coleman) as the cold mother-in-law who kept herself at arm's length towards the Princess of Wales. 

However, as the Telegraph reported, royal sources accused the Netflix show of dragging the monarchy through the mud and "trolling on a Hollywood budget."

The same goes with Princess Diana's brother, Earl Spencer, who spoke candidly about the series. In his interview with "Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh," he mentioned that the public might have a problem separating fact from fiction. 

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