Naomi Campbell refuses to be called a thief, especially when it is not true. She may have a seemingly illogical fear of running out of hazmat suits in the middle of the pandemic, but she is not a thief.

Campbell Hits Back On People Calling Her A Thief

The supermodel, 49, has always been known to be a germaphobe.

Still, this did not stop many from criticizing her over a a video documenting her extensive airplane seat-cleaning routine. She posted it on her YouTube channel, gathering mixed reactions because she was wearing a full hazmat suit.

The model asserted in a new interview that she is aware that wearing the suit is not common, even if majority of people are worried.

She knows she is also being ridiculed for it, but she does not care. What riled her, however, was when she was already being criticized with below-the-belt comments.  

According to the supermodel, she bought these suits in bulk after worrying intensely that there would be a shortage of it as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. In her interview with the Wall Street Journal, she shared that she got the idea of buying in bulk from Linda Evangelista. 

She revealed that she has all these suits because she signed up for a subscription service to get the suits. In fact, she even panicked once when her shipment did not come.

"There was one point when my subscription hadn't come because they'd run out, and I panicked, even though I wasn't going anywhere," she narrated.

As she hoards this suit, she has been accused of stealing them from medical staff. Some people asked her to donate her supplies to medical institutions instead of hoarding them. 

Campbell believes these comments are unfair. She said she is not depriving any medical staff from these suits. Instead, she purchased them online "fair and square." 

"They were acting like I was stealing supplies from the hospital, like sneaking in Manhattan and going to the hospitals and stealing their supply. That's how it felt when I was reading it," Campbell explained. "So I started answering back, saying, ''I got it on Amazon! I got it on Amazon!'' I bought it fair and square on the internet," she added. 

Campbell's Hazmat Suits Were Donated... To The Museum

People may have wanted her to donate her supplies to the hospitals, but it can be remembered that the model already donated one of her worn ones. However, it was not for a hospital but to a museum.

She quickly went viral in March for donning a full hazmat suit, goggles and a face shield to her airplane routine. People thought at the time that she was overreacting, but some also thought she made a fashion statement. 

The fashion icon revealed in October that she was asked to donate her PPE to a museum, as reported by Page Six. 

During an appearance on "Hot Ones," Campbell said, "I've been asked to put my hazmat suit into a museum. They asked me for the one that I actually wore and my Burberry cape that I put on top of it.  

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