With Christmas literally just around the corner but the pandemic remaining persistent, one can be hard pressed to imagine how the holiday can be saved.

There is no reason to fret - spending time with the family indoors can still be as much fun as spending it in big parties somewhere like you used to. In fact, it can even be better. One way to do that is to have a movie marathon night leading up to the clock striking 12 and for Christmas to officially arrive. Christmas movies in different streaming platforms abound.

Christmas Eve can be as cozy and as sweet, cheery and festive, as you make it -- you just have to pick the nicest Christmas 2020 movies to binge-watch on. 

Christmas movies on Netflix 

One of the most accessible streaming platforms right now is Netflix. If you have Netflix at home, then you got Christmas Eve down pat. Below are three movies you can watch in a row with your kids. 

What's best with these three is that they are all Netflix originals and now movies you already enjoyed when you were a kid. While those old movies are always a joy to watch, it's also nice to watch a movie with your kids that you know nothing about. 

First off the list is "Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey." It's already available for streaming now, so if you want to check out a few minutes of it ahead of your marathon night, you can do it. You cannot go wrong here, it's a joyous holiday musical and specifically, a David E. Talbert's fantasy film that has acquired a solid fan base since it dropped on Netflix way back November 13. 


If you want to introduce your kids to a real-live Christmas angel, then you can opt for "Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square."

Parton proved how much of an angel she is by donating a humungous amount to fund the COVID-19 vaccine research when the pandemic was at its early stages and her money certainly helped in the emergence of one of the promising vaccines today. 

To let your kids find out the good deed of Dolly Parton this Christmas 2020, let them watch this movie. This Christmas special - a musical, naturally - casts Parton as an actual angel. She's going to help a woman named Regina (played by Christine Baranski), who will eventually learn the meaning of Christmas. 


Lastly, another Netflix original is the second installment of the "The Christmas Chronicles." 

"The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two" was created for Netflix. The first part was highly-acclaimed so a Part 2, at least for Netflix, makes sense.

In this second installment, Kurt Russell returns as Santa Claus, who will be doing everything to win over Kate Pierce (Darby Camp), who has became quite cynical. 


Christmas 2020 Movies Not in Netflix

If you want to watch in another platform besides Netflix, two recommendations for your Christmas 2020 marathon is "My Gift: A Christmas Special from Carrie Underwood" on HBO Max. According to the network, there are two highlights to this show.  First is Carrie's duet with John Legend on "Hallelujah," Second is footage of Underwood recording "Little Drummer Boy" with her son Isaiah, 5. 


If you can remember how fun it was to watch "The Grinch" in the years past, then you can introduce the same glee to your children. Watch "Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Musical Live!," which is streaming on both NBC and Hulu. 

It's the newest  new live musical on network TV this season and features Matthew Morrison of "Glee" as the green creature who hates Christmas. Denis O'Hare plays the beloved pooch Max. 


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