Taylor Swift's image in the famous Nashville mural has been taken down and replaced by another singer-songwriter, Brad Paisley.

The shocking news came after the Grammy winner hit the top Billboard chart for her two studio albums--"Folklore" and "Evermore."

Following the recent success behind Taylor Swift's new album, the outlet mentioned that the pop star made history as the first woman to hold the first and second spots in the album sales chart at the same time. 

Taylor Swift Booted Out in Nashville's Famous Mural

Tim Davis, the artist behind the iconic Legends Corner mural on Lower Broadway in downtown Nashville, featured some of the greatest country artists such as Dolly Parton, George Strait, Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, Merle Haggard and Swift. 

However, just recently, fans noticed that the "Bad Blood" hitmaker--whose image was seen sitting in a stool next to Blake Shelton--was booted out and replaced by the 48-year-old Paisley. 

Swifties React To Nashville's New Legends Corner Mural 

With this, Swifties flocked Twitter to express their disappointment over the landmark's sudden change. 

"I sent a formal email to Tim Davis, the artist who replaced Taylor Swift's picture. I hope he can reply," one fan wrote alongside a screenshot of her lengthy letter to Davis. 

second user questioned the artist and highlighted Swift's achievement and recognition over the years, most especially to country music. 

"Taylor Swift, an artist who has the most awarded country album in history and "has achieved both national and international prominence through at levels unique in country music," is having her spot on the legends corner mural given to Brad Paisley and for what???"

Meanwhile, an individual pointed out that the move was a complete disrespect to the "Blank Space" songstress. 

"Taylor swift did not become the first woman to be awarded the pinnacle award and contributed so much to country music only to be replaced on a Nashville mural, utter disrespect. YOUNG TAYLOR RAN COUNTRY."

Just recently, Fox 17 reported that the organizers of the Legend's Corner are making major changes from its iconic tourist spot. 

In addition, the publication cited that aside from the "Whiskey Lullaby" singer, there will be two more artists that will be featured in the said artwork as replacements. To recall, the blonde beauty's image was displayed in the famous Nashville mural in 2017, donning a bright blue top and denim jeans with hair hair in a low bun. 

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