From her role as a beloved royal to a grieving mother, Vanessa Kirby showcased a superb performance in the "Pieces of a Woman" Netflix movie. 

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Kornel Mundruczo and written by Kata Weber, the heart-wrenching film stars the British actress as Martha Weiss and the loving but immature partner Sean Carson, portrayed by BAFTA winner Shia LaBeouf.

The story follows a devastating story of a new mom from Boston, who had a heartbreaking experience after her home birth ended in an unfathomable tragedy. 

Following the loss of her unborn child at the hands of her midwife Eva (portrayed by Molly Parker), Martha began her year-long journey of grief as she tried to pick up the pieces left by the tragic experience. 

Unfortunately, this has fractured her relationship with her loved ones, most especially with Sean who was also unable to cope with his own grief. 

"Pieces of a Woman" Reviews

Based on a review cited by, "The Crown" actress gave a "magnetic performance" and was a "tour de force" on the screen.

"She is able to convey so much to the audience without saying a word. Whether it's her eyes or mannerisms, she fully embodies the grieving mother with utter excellence, and it feels safe to say that she completely crushes it in this role," the outlet mentioned. 

Meanwhile, LaBeouf's complicated life off screen has transpired in the movie that made him a "compelling player" in the film. 

"Shia Labeouf's take on Sean is pretty on point and proves that despite his many flaws off-screen, he is still a compelling player in front of the camera."

The blonde beauty was also praised by EW, most especially during her unforgettable birth scene: "Kirby as an actress - of the sort whose capital A is somehow invisible but heavily implied - had arrived."

Moreover, the outlet lauded the Hungarian director for giving the Emmy nominee "the room not only to rage and grieve, but just to be."

On the other hand, fans flocked to social media to express their opinion towards the jaw dropping performance and storyline of "Pieces of a Woman" on Netflix. 

"Vanessa kirby's performance was flawless and heartbreaking. pieces of a woman has left me into a woman in pieces," one fan wrote. 

second fan pointed out that the movie is more than just a hype but a mutch watch as well. 

 "Pieces of a Woman ... Definitely a must watch on Netflix."

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