Marie Kondo Method: Organizing Guru Goes Viral With New ... Containers?!

Marie Kondo has been known as the top organizing guru over the past few years. However, who would have thought that her simple "Marie Kondo method" of decluttering to stay organized will open new opportunities to her?

A new year means new opportunites for the Japanese expert, and she offered something new to organization enthusiasts like her for 2021!

On Monday, Marie Kondo unveiled the first campaign video of her partnership with "The Container Store" on Instagram.

In the said clip, the tidying expert introduced her new sustainable line, which follows the ever-so-famous Marie Kondo method.

"I believe that if you tidy your space, you can transform your life. The secret is to discover what sparks joy for you and to give these things a home," Kondo said.

The 36-year-old Netflix star explained that the collection aims to hold every person's household items that can make their everyday routine more manageable.

The "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" star and the store's exclusive product line has over 100 sustainable storages and organization items.

Most of the products are made by the Forest Stewardship Council using bamboo, recycled fiberboard, wood and ceramic.

Meanwhile, Kondo also told Fortune that the coronavirus pandemic helped everyone realize the importance of tidying and organizing one's home.

"When I moved to the United States, I wanted to learn about the storage and organization business in this country, so I visited the Container Store to do some research. I was beyond impressed!" she said in the e-mail.

From there, she began developing products that could also spark joy among the consumers.

Fans Offer Kondo Support

As of writing, her campaign already reached 51,000 views. Her long-time followers also expressed their support for her and her upcoming project.

One fan said, "Best decision ever. Mariekondo +the container"

"Oh snap! That sounds like a match made in heaven," another one wrote.

One Instagram user also noted, "another reason to continue our journey of minimalists with the container stored. I can feel the calm coming."

Marie Kondo Store

Aside from her Container Store partnership, Kondo also got busy when she finally launched her e-commerce store.

The KonMari e-commerce shop features higher-end products for her fans. The site sells products that can help people have more organized lives, whether for dinner parties, aromatherapy, or bathing routines.

Each item pledge to make users learn the KonMari method.

"The KonMari Method encourages keeping only those things that speak to the heart. Discard items that have outlived their purpose; thank them for their service - then let them go," the official website wrote.

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