Just in time for her birthday, Regina King took a trip down memory as she revisited her 22-year-old self.  

It came after E! News surprised the award-winning actress with an old interview from her 1993 film "Poetic Justice."

Regina King's Birthday

The outlet also cited that this is one of her earliest interviews as an actress. 

In the throwback clip, the "Ray" star, who is celebrating her 50th birthday, expressed his wish to do "positive and stronger roles" for women of color. 

"I'm looking forward to starring roles now," she mentioned, adding: "I'm hoping this film will springboard me into those roles much more, positive, stronger roles. Maybe I can portray a positive, you know, black woman."

Obviously, the four-time Emmy award winner has achieved what she hoped for and is now considered one of Hollywood's most influential actresses. 

Watching the video, Regina King was surprised and pointed out how she looked like her son. 

"First of all, I look at my face, and I see my son! Like, oh, my gosh. Like, I feel like I'm looking at my son when he was 13 years old, which is crazy!"

She then joked about how happy she was that her "voice dropped."

In addition, the "Watchmen" actress spoke about her accomplishments in years in Hollywood.

"I think so. I think so and beyond. I think that that, you know, young lady that I'm looking at right now never saw that this couldn't have been a possibility. So, yeah," King added.

Regina King Movies and TV Shows

Prior to being an award-winning actress, Regina King started her career in 1985 with her breakthrough role as Brenda Jenkins in the NBC sitcom "227."

She then proved her acting skills on the big screen with her first movie "Boyz in the Hood," followed by "Poetic Justice" and the 1995 drama film "Higher Learning."

Aside from her accolade of awards and achievements, Regina King is exploring her options behind the camera. 

From acting to filmmaking, the Golden Globe winner directed her first drama film, "One Night in Miami" last year. In her recent interview with the Insider, the 50-year-old actress revealed the challenges in her directing debut. 

She recalled her biggest concern, which was casting Malcolm X and Cassius Clay, who are both legendary figures. 

"I'd say my biggest concern of casting were Malcolm and Cassius because none of those four have been photographed or videoed more than those two," she mentioned. 

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