Solange Knowles is trending on Twitter and other social media platforms. Apparently, it's nothing that Beyonce's sister herself did, but what her son Julez Smith reportedly wrote about his alleged ex on his IG story. 

Julez Smith and Skai Jackson dating rumors recently hit the internet, and on Saturday, the two young celebrities even trended. Suddenly, all eyes are not on Beyonce, but on her nephew, as reported by Monsters and Critics. 

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. is the 16-year-old son of singer Solange Knowles, which also makes him the nephew of Beyonce Knowles

His alleged relationship with Skai Jackson is deemed quite controversial since he is two years younger and in fact, a minor. Skai Jackson is a Disney star who has also appeared on "Dancing With the Stars" and already 18 years of age. 

Younger boys dating older girls, despite the small age gap can still be looked at quite differently. But more so when one of them is a minor and makes it quite illegal. 

But Skai Jackson is not being torn apart by their age difference at the moment, but by how Solange's son has allegedly talked about her on social media - negatively, disparagingly, and cruelly. 

Even though rumors of them dating only came up Saturday morning, a series of conversations, screenshots, and posts of social media comments could only lead to the assumption that they are close nor in relationship now. 

On his Instagram Story, Julez Smith hold a Q&A session with fans and in the process, he addressed the rumors about him dating Skai Jackson. But it was obvious that Julez Smith does not have anything but bad memories of Skai, because he let out so much more negative comments than fans expected.

A fan asked if Julez and Skai were friends now, and he answered "F**k no" to quickly shut down any further speculation about them. 

A couple of screenshots shared by those who participated in the Q&A and were bothered by his demeanor about Skai pressed on. 

Screenshots of @lurkinginthecity, contained more comments from Julez Smith.

"I don't like her like this don't believe what other people say...and her personality and her ego is very big...she needs come [down] back to earth," Julez reportedly commented about Skai on Snapchat.

That's not all. 

Based on a report from Rap-Up, Julez reportedly said in a group chat that (has a screenshot) that he got revenge on Skai because she allegedly cheated on him.

"I made sure to ruin her life," Julez allegedly wrote in one message in the group chat. "I f****d her good and got her addicted and then left her. It's complicated."

Other screenshots uncovered even more harrowing details, with Julez going as far as detailing how he and Skai got intimate and that "age does not matter." 

Naturally, some of those who read what he wrote, think Solage did not raise her son right. Comments after comments tagged Julez as rude and Solange as an irresponsible parent.



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