Kylie Jenner did it again - triggering people to make memes and jokes about her. This time, it was because she got a tad bit generous and decided to share a glimpse of her bathroom. 

Like the rest of the house, Kylie Jenner's shower room is elegant and truly fanciful.  But her shower head surprises fans.

Fans cannot believe she chose a quite simple shower head that is no longer on trend these days, and looks like it cannot deliver adequate water pressure, as reported by Hollywood Life. 

That said, some did not resist the urge to mock the multimillioniare on Twitter.

 "A Dasani water bottle has higher water pressure than Kylie Jenner's shower," one person wrote.

"I can proudly say my shower head pressure is 1000x better than Kylie Jenner's," another insisted.

One more commenter wrote, "My uni house has better shower pressure than Kylie Jenner's and that's saying something." 

Those who cannot think of what to write, chose to make fun of the shower head with memes instead. 


Kylie Jenner is yet to reply, although she rarely takes the time to address the comments and opinions of trolls. 

Not that she has to do defend herself. She can immediately have it replaced if she so wants, or create a whole new master bathroom if she desires, as reported by Daily Mail UK. She can even buy another mansion with a whole lof of bathrooms.

After all, she came in at #29 on Forbes' list of richest self-made women of 2020, with a net worth of $700million. 

She even topped the list of highest-paid celebrities in the world, raking in $590million last year, after Kylie Cosmetics was sold to Coty.

It's unlikely that she will react to these critics and trolls though. She recently unfollowed so many fans and friends from her Instagram that it is apparent that she is onto something. She retained only a total of 28 people she follows, as reported by Elle Magazine

This decision may be part of a larger social media cleanse for the reality star. She spoke several times about how hard it is to be in the limelight so much.

Back in 2019, she revealed several mental health issues she's struggled with over the years, growing up in a famous family and on social media. Maybe she chose 2021 to heal. 

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