Just a few days after Dolly Parton celebrated turning 75, she has to mourn the death of her younger brother. Randy Parton died of cancer. He was 67.

Randy Parton, also a known performer, like his sister Dolly, has passed away overnight because of cancer. This is confirmed by his family members. 

Dolly Parton's brother, most recent (and last) performance was in the "My People, My Music" show at Dollywood.  Dolly herself released an official statement on her Facebook, which reads: 

"My brother Randy has lost his battle with cancer. The family and I are grieving his loss but we know he is in a better place than we are at this time. We are a family of faith and we believe that he is safe with God and that he is joined by members of the family that have gone on before and have welcomed him with joy and open arms." 

The famous personality has a lot of positive words to say about her brother.

"Randy was a great singer, writer, and entertainer. He sang, played guitar and bass in my band for many years. He headed his own show at Dollywood since it opened in 1986," Parton wrote.

Dolly added that even though Randy was able to release multiple chart records of his own,  his duet with her on "Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You" is the best. She said its the "highlight" of her own career. 

Parton added that his last duet with her, joined by his daughter Heidi, is quite special.

"You Are My Christmas," our duet on my latest Christmas album, joined with his daughter Heidi, will always be a favorite. It was his last musical recording and he shined on it just like he's shining in heaven now," Dolly Parton wrote. 

This tragic news comes two days after Dolly celebrated her 75th birthday. Dolly Parton turned 75 on January 19 and had a very simple wish for her special day.

The legendary country singer revealed what her biggest wish is for the year - kindness.

On her website, the singer explained how she's choosing to count her blessings and celebrate quietly instead of throwing something extravagant to rejoice her being born into this world, as reported by People Magazine

"I do have a birthday wish that I want to share with you. My wish is that everyone does something a little different today," she wrote. "Let's call it a call for kindness."

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