Rappers usually inspire their listeners with their bars and continuous flow. However, rapper Meek Mill found himself in hot water after referencing Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash.

While other people continuously pay tribute to Bryant, Mill appeared to disrespect the late Los Angeles Lakers star in a new song.

The song in question, "Don't Worry (RIP Kobe)," recently surfaced online. Though the title appeared to be a tribute to the late basketball player, the song actually invited criticisms for its rude lyrics.

"If I ever lack I'm going out with my choppa, it be another Kobe," the rapper reportedly said in the song, per TMZ.

Although his fans looked forward to listening to Meek Mill's songs and his upcoming collaboration with Lil Baby, that particular line only caused him to lose supporters.

In addition, the insensitive and disrespectful bar caused fans to launch an online movement to cancel the rapper.

Kobe Bryant's Fans Defended Late NBA Icon

On Twitter, Meek Mill made it to the top trending list for all the wrong reasons.

One fan said, "Kobe & Gigi Bryant's deaths were only a year ago. Their family is still grieving heavily over them. The last thing they need is a "bar" to be made out of their loss right now. Meek Mill always been lame, but this is a new low."

"Meek Mill is cancelled after that Kobe line," another one added.

Another Twitter user exclaimed, "Meek mill rapping about Kobe's death is disgusting, idc, and y'all can bring up Wayne or Biggie or whoever but the fact still stands that making a punch line out of someone's tragic death is wackkkkk."

Instead of apologizing, Mill added more fuel to the fire by suggesting that people are only reacting since they follow an anti-Meek narrative.

On his Twitter account, the 33-year-old rapper defended himself and pledged that the internet cannot stop him.

He added that the event is "almost like mind control."

Meek Mill's rap song has not been officially released yet. Thus, there is a huge possibility that he will change the lyrics sooner or later.

In another news, the rapper is having bad days since, days ago, he got involved in a brawl with Tekashi 6ix9ine in a club's parking lot in Miami.

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