A third-world telco has hired Chris Evans to endorse their brand.

The Hollywood star was recently unveiled in the Philippines as the face of Smart Communications for their 2021 campaign titled "Live Smarter for a Better World," following Korean pop band BTS.

The video featuring the "Captain America" star was helmed by German-born director Pascal Heiduk who worked with other big Hollywood names such as Hugh Jackman. Heiduk also created advertisements for brands like Mercedes Benz AMG and BMW.

Evans is the first-ever Hollywood A-lister brand ambassador for the telco.

However, massive fans of the Hollywood hunk in the Philippines are not pleased with the telco's latest endorser.

One of the main reasons why the entire endorsement is facing backlash is because of the company's reported slow internet.

One Twitter user asked, "Why would a local telco hire international endorsers if they do not even have the first-hand experience of how bad the internet is in the Philippines?" along with a clown emoji.

Another mentioned how Smart Communications are using big bucks to pay high-profile celebrities but couldn't even improve their service first and foremost.

"Smart always pays celebrities millions to endorse their products more than improving their service and making sure the entire country gets strong and quality network signals."

One exclaimed, "When you have SO MUCH money to pay for a talent but technically DO NOT CARE about making your services BETTER."

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Some even noticed how Chris Evans' entire spiel was too peachy and wordy.

One person commented that if the whole commercial were supposed to make it seem like Evans is portraying Steve Rodgers, "he would say it fast, swift and powerful."

But there are still people who were excited for the actor to be the brand ambassador.

One witty person tweeted, "So if that's America's Ass and he's with Smart, does that make him, Smart Ass?"

Another even mentioned how Cap should have a partner so he wouldn't seem sad.

Others suggested they should hire Scarlet Witch and Vision to be the next brand ambassador.


Chris Evans Is Endorsing One of the Philippines' Worst Telcos

The Philippines is a third-world country, and according to reports, their internet connection is one of the worst in the entire world.

One of those telcos is Smart Communications, which is also one of the leading telcos in their country because of the Filipinos' lack of options.

The most common complaint regarding this company is its extremely slow and intermittent internet connection, either in Wi-Fi or mobile data, and topping it off with terrible service.

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