Moxie Movie: 4 Unexpected Differences Between Netflix Flick vs. Book

Netflix welcomed another movie on its catalog with the arrival of "Moxie."

On March 3, "Moxie" premiered on the streaming giant and began telling the story of a teenager who calls out sexism at her school.

The series has been smooth-sailing so far, thanks to the ensemble of cast members list which include Hadley Robinson (Vivian), Josephine Langford (Emma Cunningham), Lauren Tsai (Claudia), Patrick Schwarzenegger (Mitchell Wilson), Amy Poehler (Lisa Carter), Ike Barinholtz (Mr. Davies), Marcia Gay Harden (Principal Marlene Shelly), and Clark Gregg (John).

Meanwhile, the official synopsis on the streaming site's YouTube channel says, "Fed up with the sexist and toxic status quo at her high school, a shy 16-year-old finds inspiration from her mother's rebellious past and anonymously publishes a zine that sparks a school-wide, coming-of-rage revolution."

The Amy Poehler-directed movie already gained critical responses from fans, especially from those who already read the novel by Jennifer Mathieu.

However, the flick already showed massive changes and scenes.

The team's choice is reportedly part of the creative plans, and here are some of the biggest changes to the masterpiece so far.

Who's Vivian?

The movie, unfortunately, seemingly introduced a different lead character.

In this adaptation, Vivian comes as a shy woman who is the exact opposite of her loud mother. Initially, she did not dream of breaking the rules and turns blind eye to the sexist actions instead.

This part actually exaggerated what the novel implies.

In the book, Vivian was absolutely shy. Though she already had the passion, she still needed a little push - adding more drama to the plotline.

Gender Swap

They also broke the gender of a particular character in the movie.

In the book, the school principal is Micthell Wilson's father who serves as a villain in a story about feminism. But in the movie, Marcia Gay Harden plays the role of the principal.

She also does not have a direct connection with Wilson, but she still makes excuses for him. In addition, she supports Rockport's sexist policies, highlighting the heartbreaking truth in people's lives.

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The Moxie Club

Female students establish an unofficial club. The zine brings the girls together, welcoming women from different races and members of the LGBTQ.

But this particular club did not exist in the book.

Seth's Character

Seth plays an important role in Vivian's life. He is a heterosexual character who supports women's rights in a positive way.

In addition, his appearance clarifies that the movie aims no man-hating agenda. But in the book, he is a simple brand new student in the Rockport High School.

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