Wendy Williams subtly threw some jabs on Tiger Woods' former mistress after Rachel Uchitel defended their affair.

The outspoken TV host pressed the 46-year-old nightclub manager and hostess engaged in a highly-publicized extramarital affair with the golfer.

Tiger Woods' infidelities were exposed in Nov. 2009. At the time, he was married to Elin Nordegren, and they share two kids, Sam and Charlie.

In 2010, the former married couple split after six years of marriage at a reported $100 million divorce.

In an awkward interview on "The Wendy Williams Show," Uchitel told the host that she encountered some challenges during the period of their affair because the media was always talking about it.

She claims that she didn't have control over the narrative and said nothing but negative and bad things about her.

However, Williams quipped, "Well, affairs with married men aren't positive things."

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When asked if she loved the decorated athlete, Rachel Uchitel responded that she and Tiger Woods had a "deep connection," to which Williams had retorted, "That would be a no."

Williams' negative response to Uchitel defending their affair came after she filed for divorce from husband Kevin Hunter after more than 20 years of marriage.

Hunter reportedly had an affair with Sharina Hudson and fathered a child named Journey.

Tiger Woods' Mistress and Affair

In the "Tiger" documentary, Rachel Uchitel revealed knowing Tiger Woods was married and had responsibilities.

Woods would sometimes fly her out to wherever he was because, at the time, he felt strained and burdened with his marriage and the arrival of their first child. On the other hand, with his mistress, he could behave somewhat childlike.

As Uchitel remembered, Tiger Woods would wake up, eat cereal and watch cartoons.

But when the National Enquirer broke the news, she was hounded by paparazzi and even received a phone call from Tiger Woods' wife.

"It was like I was the only one responsible for Tiger's actions," Uchitel added.

When Rachel Uchitel was about to tell her truth out to the media, Woods told his lawyers to settle into a confidentiality agreement and to "get as much as you can,'" which the businesswoman thought was "his only way to love me at the time."

Later on, she received a text from Woods that said, "You were the only one I ever loved" because he reportedly had a few more mistresses in his life.  

Now, the scandal is dead, and they both live entirely different lives. Tiger Woods' former mistress is the face of a dating site for sugar babies called Seeking Arrangement.

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