DC fans have been waiting for the installment of the "Justice League" movie. After years of patiently looking forward to it, Zack Snyder will officially be dropping it for them.

On March 18, the latest addition to the DC Extended Universe, the "Justice League" Snyder Cut, will arrive on HBO Max.

The four-hour length film reportedly has everything fans always wanted to see, including all the superheroes and villains in one frame.

Aside from that, the cut will also introduce iconic New Gods from the comics. Originally, the set-up would have already been seen by viewers in 2017 "Justice League."

However, when Snyder had to go due to tragic family loss, Warner Bros. and Joss Whedon completely transformed the film.

As the director did not agree with the outcome, he decided to make his own cut. Finally, Snyder will introduce Darkseid and New Gods in the upcoming flick.


When it comes to New Gods, the Lord of Apokolips Uxas - popularly known as Darkseid - surely takes the top spot.

In 2017, he never appeared in the two-hour "Justice League." But the film did mention him once.

What he will do in the "Justice League" Snyder's Cut remains unknown. For what it's worth, though, the DCEU version of Darkseid already attempted to take over the Earth before.

When he still goes by the name of Uxas, he tried to find the Anti-Life-Equation. It would give him control of anything in the universe. Fortunately, Earth fought him back.


Similar to Darkseid, he is one of the oldest members of New Gods. Desaad is also an Apokoliptian priest who did not make it to the theatrical cut in 2017.

In most versions of him, he has been serving as the Apokolips' main torturer.

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The villain luckily made an appearance in the previous "Justice League," but he will have a different approach this time.

Though Darkseid is the head of New Gods, Steppenwolf serves as the main antagonist of the film. The 2017 movie did not entirely focus on his story as Warner Bros. saw the plot too scary to be on screen.

But since the Motion Picture Association approved Snyder's cut and gave it an R-rating, the director surely had no restrictions this time.

Granny Goodness

Last but not the least, a female New God is also joining the fun.

In one of the latest "Justice League" Snyder's cut trailer, she is for a few seconds standing next to Darkseid and Desaad.

Initially, she was one of Darkseid's ultimate soldiers. But due to her impressive performance as a villain, Granny Goodness ended up being on a higher rank to lead the Female Furies.

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