Piers Morgan is reportedly showing alarming behavior after he cleared his table on "Good Morning Britain."

On Wednesday, Morgan completely cut ties from GMB by finally removing all his things out of the studio. His decision to leave the show came after he sparked drama following his comments on Meghan Markle's tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Usually, the 55-year-old presenter would post a follow-up blow on his social media site after showing his rage on the show.

However, this time, Morgan seems to be on AWOL - and his supporters are not happy about it.

On Twitter, GMB viewers expressed their concerns over the broadcaster's silence.

One fan said, "Piers Morgan is suspiciously quiet..."

"Where's @piersmorgan, all quiet on Twitter? Work trip to the states perhaps to negotiate a new work contract.....? What do people think?" another one wrote.

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Another Twitter user mentioned Morgan's account and penned, "You been very quiet, GMB is boring now, keep us entertained on Twitter."

For what it's worth, Morgan's last post on the aforesaid account was his goodbye message to the news program.

He posted a photo of his dressing room, showing boxes where he stored his things. There is also a life-size cardboard cut-out of his former co-host, Sussana Reid, which he pledged not to bring home since it would be "a bit creepy."

GMB Suffering Without Piers Morgan?

After leaving his post, GMB immediately suffered from a rating mishap.

The Sun reported that the show faced massive ratings lost weeks after beating BBC's ratings during Morgan's last day. Per the news outlet, over 1.1 million viewers tuned in on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the record did not last for a long time as it lost 100,000 viewers the following day.

The ITV executives tried to manage the backlash by allowing Alex Beresford to step up into the former presenter's role.

Ever since Morgan left, the show already welcomed several people on its chair, including Ben Shephard and Adil Ray. On Friday, Alex Beresford sat on the chair, as well, but received backlash for doing so.

Beresford, whom Morgan had a heated argument with, left his job as the resident weather reporter and joined Kate Garraway on the stage.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with his appearance, with fans demanding GMB to sort their programs.

As of the writing, the show is still looking for a permanent host to replace Piers Morgan.

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