"The Talk" host Amanda Kloots has opened up once again about the grief she has felt since her husband Nick Cordero passed away in July at 41 years old due to his battle with COVID-19.

Admitting to an interview with Us Weekly, the 39-year-old star is still navigating her grief following what happened, saying, "A lot of people have to me, 'It gets easier and time helps,' and I don't know if I found that yet."

The fitness guru, who shared a son named Elvis, 22 months, with the Broadway star, further revealed, "I still pretty much cry every day. It's growing pains."

The new co-host of "The Talk" confessed that each day is different, but she manages to "do everything I possibly can to stay healthy and active and happy."

Amanda Kloots said she is still uncertain if time will heal her grief but confessed that having the correct type of tools to cope with the loss makes things easier for her.

She explained to the outlet, "I think it gets easier because you learn tools to help yourself. And in the beginning, you don't know those tools yet."

However, the TV personality confessed everyday moments, especially seeing how their son is growing up, where Nick Cordero's death hits even more challenging.

Kloots said, "With Elvis, like there's so many things that he does or there's times in life that you just wish your person was there to celebrate with."

"And I think that that's where it's harder because you miss your person so much."


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How Amanda Kloots Felt Picking Up Nick Cordero's Ashes

In August, Amanda Kloots talked about her difficult experience of picking up her husband's ashes.

"It was beyond surreal and horrible. But they're in my possession and a good friend of mine said some beautiful advice: look at it as you have him with you now."

She recalled the entire thing on her Instagram post, revealing how the past few weeks since his death have been "really hard" for her.

"I've literally felt like I can't even function. Where I'm just kind of in a fog and I don't even know what I'm doing or what I'm saying."

Now, she placed his ashes in a ring.

Amanda Kloots and Son Elvis Move Into A New Home

At the time of Cordero's death, Amanda Kloots moved into a new home which has given her something to look forward to.

Speaking of their new LA home, she said, "I know Nick would have just been through the moon, so it makes me excited to move in and live there and make it our own and make Nick's presence there."

The house features a dining table engraving "Live Your Life" on the surface, just one of Nick Cordero's hit songs.


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