Lloyd Price permanently left the world of rock 'n roll at the age of 88. His wife confirmed the heartbreaking cause of his death.

On Saturday, Price's wife, Jacqueline Price, revealed that the rock 'n roll star has died on Monday in New Rochelle, New York.

She told Associated Press that her husband succumbed after experiencing tragic complications of diabetes.

Meanwhile, his long-time fans and previous colleagues sent outpouring tributes to honor the late legend.

One fan said, "I am dealing with the death of Lloyd Price today...he was one of my early teenage musicians to dance to...."

Another one added, "Sad to hear he's passed away! Those are great songs, and so wonderful to listen to. Imagine if he'd never made those epic tunes! RIP Lloyd Price, and your legacy will live on forever."

Meanwhile, Stevie Van Zandt also retweeted a related article and wrote a message to express his heartbreak.

"RIP Lloyd Price. Very important part of Rock history. He was BEFORE Little Richard! Lawdy Miss Clawdy of 1952 has a legit claim as the first Rock hit. (Fats Domino on piano). Had the pleasure of hangin with him on the "Oldies Circuit" in '73. Righteous cat. Enormous talent," he captioned the post.

Lloyd Price's Legacy

Before his death, Price offered a massive contribution to the industry.

He was one of the last survivors of the post-World War II scene. With the help of Fats Domino and David Bartholomew, the group gave birth to the New Orleans jazz and blues which immediately conquered music charts.

Price received the nickname "Mr. Personality" for having that bright smile as he performed. His first hit, "Lawdy Miss Clawdy," was inspired by a local DJ's catchphrase.

In 1952, the song became No. 1 on several R&B charts after selling more than 1 million copies. In fact, Elvis Presley and Little Richards once covered the rock standard song, as well.

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Among his other famous songs are "Just Because" and "Stagger Lee" - the latter tells the story of murder between two Black Men.

Like his debut song, "Stagger Lee" reached Billboard's No. 1 spot.

Although he died due to health complications, he once confessed that he dedicated himself to living in the cleanest way.

"I never drank, smoked, used drugs or had bad habits," he said. "I'd drive a taxi cab to get me the food I need to live."

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