Queen Elizabeth II, like most people, also celebrates Mother's Day under the monarchy.

The U.S. celebrated Mother's Day over the weekend, but Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family already observed the 2021 event in March.

On March 14, Her Majesty marked the special day by sharing a throwback photo of her and her mother, the late Queen Mother.

Through Royal Family's official Instagram account, Queen Elizabeth II sent a message to her late mother and all mothers worldwide.

"To all Mums everywhere, we wish you a very special Mother's Day. #MotheringSunday," she captioned the black and white photo of them.

The photo was taken at the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park back in April 1940.


In the U.K., Mother's Day is traditionally known as Mothering Sunday. This is because the event mainly revolves around the church.

Meanwhile, the Cambridge children honored their late grandmother, Princess Diana, on the official Instagram of Kensington Palace.

"This year Mother's Day will be different once again. Many of us will be apart from our loved ones, but looking forward to a time in the not too distant future when we can give our mother a hug again," the lovely post said.

Apart from sharing messages, Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family observe several other traditions during the special day.

Mother's Day: Royal Family's Traditions

Every state has its traditions in all events. But the royal family has unique ways to celebrate Mothering Day.

Despite their growing popularity, the royal family opts to observe Mother's Day as private as possible. The royal children also give their mothers flowers and small gifts. In the past years, cards and gifts are the most common among them.

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As royals, they also drive to Frogmore where the family always celebrate special occasions. Only this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic and recent death of Prince Philip, when they opted to make the day private.

Lastly, Queen Elizabeth II herself dedicates her life attending masses regardless of the event. Every Mother's Day, she attends several masses throughout the day in different locations including Windsor and Sussex.

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