Johnny Depp found another hope after Alice Cooper assured people that the actor would never do what Amber Heard accused him of.

Before the most-awaited defamation lawsuit battle, Cooper shared his words to people as he defends Depp from Heard's claims.

Johnny Depp Not Guilty of Amber Heard Claims

In an exclusive interview with Page Six, the 73-year-old singer-songwriter described Depp as the "most harmless human being." Thus, he believes his pal could never commit anything Heard claimed.

"Johnny is one of the sweetest people I've ever met in my life. He is the most harmless human being I've ever met, so I'm not buying into all of the other stories at because I know him and everybody else who knows him knows that," Cooper said.

The shock-rock legend surely has a base since he has been performing with Depp and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry for the rock supergroup Hollywood Vampires.

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Cooper assured that the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star remains the kindest person although they have not spoken personally these past months. Still, they remain in touch through emails.

In the same interview, he applauded Depp for being a great guitar player.


To get away from stress temporarily, Depp reportedly began working with Jeff Beck. According to Cooper, no one could ever play with Beck unless the person is an outstanding guitar player.

He added that before the actor rose to fame in the film industry, Depp used to spend time playing guitar for the band.


Aside from Cooper, Depp's pals and fans have been sharing positive messages for the actor to defend him from damaging claims.

Before Cooper spoke up, UK producer Jeremy Thomas also shared his two cents on the matter. He told Screen Daily that Depp has been supportive of everyone despite facing troubles on his own.

"I can only say that I find him a wonderful person from my personal experience and he is still my friend," he said. "[Depp's troubles] have been challenging. I hope Minamata gets its day."

Thomas and Depp worked together for the actor's 1997 directorial debut on "The Brave." The producer is also the owner and founder of Hanway Films where Depp worked for Julien Temple's "Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds With Shane MacGowan," as the producer.

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