More details about Bill Gates' relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein emerged on Tuesday.

According to an insider who spoke to People magazine, the Microsoft creator courted the criminal in a twisted belief that Epstein could help him win a Nobel Peace Prize someday. The prize reportedly "is what Bill wants more than anything else in the world."  

It was reportedly an aspiration he told his convicted acquaintance. 

Speaking of Bill and Epstein, "It was a business connection and had to do with fundraising. There was a legitimate philanthropic side to this, and they had spoken about the Nobel Prize and what they could do to work towards that."

Additionally, a former employee told The Daily Beast that members of the foundation's PR team were alerted of Bill Gates' relationship with Epstein and were told that it was a "maneuver to try to get himself a Nobel Peace Prize."

They even required some employees to be on call on prize day in the past years just in case he was awarded one.

The former employee confessed, "We were aware of things that were potential reputational risks for the foundation and the co-chairs, Bill and Melinda."

Referring to Epstein, they said, "Even back then, people knew this guy wasn't squeaky clean."

Bill Gates, who has a net worth of $130 billion, reportedly thought that Epstein could really help him as he knew "the right people" or "some kind of way to massage things" just so he could the prestigious prize.

To this day, the Nobel Peace Prize is reportedly still something the fourth richest man in the world to have - more than anything else in the world, per the former staffer.

In the end, the former Gates employee thinks that Bill has been "ultimately disappointed it didn't work out."


Though the 65-year-old billionaire denied any ties to Epstein, the insider revealed that their conversations were enough to piss off his soon-to-be ex-wife, Melinda French Gates.

The source added, "Melinda didn't want him having anything to do with Epstein."

However, a spokesperson for Bill Gates denied the claims that the philanthropist was seeking the money manager's help in obtaining the award.

They said in a statement to The Daily Beast, "While a Nobel Prize would certainly be a great honor, it is false to state that Bill Gates was 'obsessed' with the honor, set it as a goal, or campaigned for it in any way."

"If Epstein had a plan or motivation to insert himself into any processes related to any awards or honors on behalf of Gates, neither Gates nor anyone he works with was aware of his intentions and they would have rejected any offers for assistance."

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Did Bill Gates Ready Cheat on Melinda Gates?

The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal published reports of Bill Gates' alleged history of making advances towards his employees and even had an affair with a former Microsoft engineer.

According to the former Gates Foundation employee, it wasn't a secret that Bill Gates had any sexual relationships behind closed doors.

Speaking of Melinda's attitude toward the cheating scandal, the staffer said, "I don't think it was a wink-wink permissive thing at all. I think she was humiliated and did not like it."

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